Feb 26 2009

Gonna Be Strong!

After our conversation that spawned the “New Outlook” post, we feel a lot better.  Saturday is the first test.  I am going to work, and Jess told me that if she starts to feel bad, that I should just tell her straight out, “I am not able to come home”, and leave it at that.  I think it will be easier for her because she has a family party to go to.  She shouldn’t get out of there till pretty late so when she gets home, she can go right to sleep.  I know she’s strong, and I know she can get through it!

By the way, still no Chromosome results!    ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!  😡

Feb 24 2009



Jess had a bad day today.  She has been trying for the past week to get the rest of blood test results, specifically the chromosome reflex panel.  The urologist called LabCorp, and they said it would be in today.  Well, after many phone calls and a little confusion, we have no results.  This is so frustrating.  I just want to know whats going on!

I left work early today, because Jess had a little breakdown.  I don’t mind coming home early, but I have done way too many times this year.  We are going to have figure something out to get us through this tough time.