May 28 2009

Clearing Up The Confusion

My doc called today and answered most of the questions we had.  First, he confirmed the surgery date for June 18th, and explained what needed to be done in preparation.  I have to have medical clearance from my primary because they will be tubing me.  I was a little surprised that they decided to tube me, because from other stories I have read, most people just get twilight sedation or local anesthetic.  I’m guessing that because they are repairing both sides as well as taking biopsies, that this might be a little bit longer of a surgery, and that it would warrant being under general anesthesia.

Next he explained that after speaking with Jess’ IVF doc, that he would keep the biopsies and do all the pathology instead.  I’m unsure why IVFNJ would not want to do it.  I have read on other sites, as well as medical journals, that they have frozen TESE sperm with not the greatest results, but some good results, no less.  Oh well, I guess we will just have to go with the flow.

Recovery time for me will be about 2 weeks before I can return to work.  Most people are released for work after 1 week, but with my job, I need to be 100% before I can return.  In regards to the varicocele repair, the doc said you normally have between 3 and 6 months before you can see any results.  He’s putting the mark at 4 months before we do any more testing.   This would put us at starting another IVF round sometime in November or early December (if all goes well).

May 23 2009

We Have A Date

While we were on our journey home from Hackensack, we got a call from the receptionist of the docs office.  The surgery is scheduled for June 18th.  We were a little surprised that they scheduled so fast considering the doc said he wouldn’t have a date until after the holiday weekend.  Things are starting to move fast.  I just hope it works!!

May 22 2009

Surgery Is A Go!!

I’m probably the only one in the world right now who is excited to be getting scheduled for surgery.  Before I get ahead of myself, Let me talk about the appointment I had today at the doc.  We took the trip up to Hackensack finally feeling good, and with hopes of moving things forward.  We met with the doc, and first discussed the the last MRI results and the reasons we why went into a cautionary mode with all the tests.  We all agreed it was the right thing to do.  I’m glad we ruled things out and didn’t just jump to conclusions.  The doc then explained the next step was getting back to the original reason I went there, infertility.  He discussed the surgery, recovery time, and future appointments.  He couldn’t give us an exact date due to the holiday weekend, and the fact that he wanted to get in touch with IVFNJ.  I guess I’ll have to wait until Tuesday for more info.

May 15 2009

Moving Forward

After yesterday’s great news I realized I didn’t explain much.  I got caught up in the moment, and how could you blame me.  As for the MRI results, here is what they said.

  1. Area of signal change involving the right testis that shows contrast enhancement.  This favors residuum of sperm aspiration from the testis rather than a tumor.  Advise interval follow-up sonography in  three months.  (I’m not too fond of the last sentence in that one.)
  2. Small right spermatic cord cyst
  3. Left sided varicocele is demonstrable.  Right side varicocele in non-demonstrable

I’m no doctor, but that sounds like good news to me!!  As for moving on, we have moved our next appointment with the doc up to next week.  He also moved some blood tests up, and cancelled my scrotal ultrasound for the end of the month.  We are going forward with my fertlity issues, and leaving cancer in the dust!!


Apr 28 2009

Ultra-Uncomfortable Ultrasound

Today was step one in the new quest for my ever elusive sperm.  I had a scrotal ultrasound done, and when I say it was uncomfortable, I wasn’t lying.  It didn’t hurt or anything, it was just weird.  To start off, I went to Atrium Imaging because it was close.  When they say Atrium, they weren’t kidding.  It was a large building with suites on both sides.  In the middle was a large class covered atrium.  There was no air conditioning, and it was a rare 95 degree day in April for NJ.  The waiting room was the atrium, so my 25 minute wait was a very sweaty one.  Once they called me in, I was told to get undressed and wrap myself with a paper sheet.  The nice lady then instructed me on how to position all my parts for the best result.  She lubed up the ultrasound thingy and went to work.  About 25 minutes later, a million mouse clicks, and some typing, viola I was done.  She asked if I wanted a copy of the films to bring to my doc.  I said and went on my merry way.  When I got home, it took about 25 minutes to get all the gel off of my crotch.  It was gross!!