Sep 13 2009

Under The Weather

Jess and I have been nursing the flu for the past week (I know, it never ends over here).  I really didn’t have it in me to write, but I wanted to give a short vacation round up.  So here we go.  All in all, the weather sucked pretty much the whole vacation.  We got two sunny days, and the rest were either cloudy or pouring rain with a sustained 35mph wind.  Most of the week the beaches were red flagged.  They even had drowning right on the beach where we were staying.  It was really sad.  In spite of the weather and the tragedy, we made the best of the trip.  We both needed to get away, and just focus on each other.  You get so wrapped up in infertility, and IVF, that sometimes you forget to tend to the most important things, each other!  The days we were able to get the beach were beautiful, we had most of it to ourselves!!

Not a person in sight!!

Not a person in sight!!

 We left on Friday even though we had the house until Saturday.  This was planned as we had Jess’s 30th Birthday on Saturday, and a nice picnic to go along with it  (Now we are both over 30, and still no rugrats!!).  Funny thing is, the weather in Jersey was much nicer during our vacation than it was in North Carolina.  I guess we have a black cloud that follows us wherever we go!!  After the picnic Jess’s cousins came back to the house for a little after party and sleepover.  This is where the flu was given to us (It will be a memorable birthday gift).  I’m not going to name the culprit, you know who you are!!  The last week has been a recovery week, and I think we are both beginning to get back to normal.  Jess has been much more sick than me, so I’m not even completely sure if I just had a cold or a really light case of the flu.  All  I know is that I have been basically bathing in hand sanitizer and have sterilized all touchable surfaces (except the dog) multiple times this week. 


Aug 29 2009

So Far, So Good!

So far, the weather is cooperating.  We drove down yesterday to beat the storm, and stayed at a hotel last night (can’t check into the house until today).  Thankfully, it looks as though the weather forecasters were wrong (are they ever right?).  It poured overnight, but we woke up to beautiful sunny skies.  Now it’s time to pack up our stuff, take the hour ride north, and begin our vacation!!  I want everyone to pray, do the anti-rain dance, or whatever it is that you can do to bring us good luck, barring sacrifice of small animals!!

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I’m writing this on my iPhone. I’ll fix everything when I set up camp, and get the computers unpacked.

Jul 5 2009

Weekend Getaway

After my post-op doc trip, Jess and I had the opportunity to get away for the weekend.  We took it!!  We headed north about 4 hours and ended up in Warrensburg, NY on Sherman Lake.  It is actually an all inclusive “dude” ranch.  I was strictly informed that there were not any straddling activities allowed, so I skipped the horse riding, and just spent a lazy, relaxing weekend with Jess.  With all that has gone on so far this year, it was nice to have a little getaway, and recharge.  We both really needed it.  And how could you beat this view?

Sunset in the Adirondacks

Sunset In The Adirondacks