Apr 23 2009

A New Doc!!!!!

 There aren’t many urologists in NJ that specialize in male infertility.  In fact, I had thought the last on we had went to, was the only one  around here.  I knew there were Specialists in New York City as well as Philly.  I didn’t really want  the hassle of commuting back and forth to either of those of places.  I was completely dreading it and complaining about it when Jess went and Googled some combination of “reproductive urologist male infertility NJ” (or something like that).  Anyways, right on the first page we found our new Doc!

Jess immediately called and explained that we wanted to make an appointment and what we have already gone through.  We were able to get a consult right away.   This brings us to today, we trucked our way to Hackensack, which by the way was only 1 hour.  I thought it was a lot farther than it was.  I couldn’t have been happier with the Doc. He was much younger than the last, more aggressive, and willing to work with us.   First thing first was his examination (which is never comfortable).  We discussed my past doc visits, and future procedures which included, but are not limited to varicocele repair, hormone therapy, and other fun stuff.  He ordered up some blood tests, and a scrotal ultrasound.  He wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t going to be a short or easy road to travel, and it could take months to see any results, if I even get results!  We made the decision together that we would like to exhaust all avenues to try to get and conceive with my sperm, before we even start to think about donor.

I just hope, and pray that this works!!

Apr 17 2009

Fired The Doc!

YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!

I really canrt say that I actually fired the Doc (reproductive urologist, Marlton, NJ) because I don’t think he wanted to go any further or try help me anyway.  I called him today to see what my next step would be.  In the beginning when we met him we had discussed about going a diagnostic route to try and figure what the problem was.  He had said at that point, that we aren’t there yet.  When I spoke with yesterday, and asked “What’s the next step for me?”  The only response I got over and over again was “You’re only option is donor!”  I can’t believe this because they are signs that I am producing sperm.  While it might not be a lot, I am still producing sperm.  He had no sympathy and hurried the conversation with me.  He even recited incorrect blood test results, that when I tried to correct, he could only say, “Well, I don’t have your chart in front of me”.  So for all intensive purposes, I FIRED THE DOC TODAY!!!

Now for some good news.  After a couple of hours of Internet research, we have found another reproductive urologist that is not too far away.  He is out of Hackensack, and has a pretty impressive background.  He is much younger than the last one and hopefully more aggressive.  I guess we’ll find out soon, because I have an appointment on the 23rd.  That’s next week!!

Feb 11 2009

The Old Jingle Jingle!

I had my appointment with the reproductive urologist today.  As the title indicates, I got the old jingle jingle.  I am happy with the results of this appointment.  In terms of my azoospermia, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.  The doc found a varicocele  on the left side.  Now I do know that this is probably not the only reason for the azoospermia, but it could have an impact on whether any sperm can be found at all.  If it is contributing to the azoospermia, the good thing is that it can be fixed with surgery.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

The doc ordered up a whole slew of blood tests, so on the way home I stopped at LabCorp and them done right away.  The tests he ordered were Testosterone (Free/Total), LH, FSH, Y Chromosone deletion, and one other one I couldn’t make out on the sheet, but I think it was some kind of genetic testing.  They took a whole lot of blood. 

Lately I feel like a pincushion!

Feb 9 2009

I Must Be A Little Important

Jess made the appointment for reproductive urologist for me today.  I was shocked when she called and said that appointment was tomorrow.  I know the doc at IVF said that they give priority to patients going through IVF, but I didn’t think that it would even be this week, let alone tomorrow!

I must be a little important!