Mar 21 2010

Yes, We Have Issues!!

Lots O' Tests!

 As you can see from above, we have been cheating during the whole 2ww!!  We have both become completely neurotic with these tests, and I don’t see an end in sight!!  The last couple days have been even worse than beginning, because of the low beta number we got the other day.  We just want to make sure the tiny bugger is still in there, and fighting!!  Tomorrow will give us (hopefully) a sigh of relief, even though we won’t be fully out of the woods yet!!  The house has turned into a pregnancy factory and everything in it revolves around it!!  Even the garbage has signs of it!! 

Garbage Full O' Tests!

  After 3+ years of trying, we have been waiting for these little pee contraptions to come out positive!  Even with all the of the tests that have shown a positive, it still doesn’t seem real.  I keep thinking, that maybe I just bought a whole bunch of defective ones!!  I’m looking forward to big numbers on the retest.  We need all your prayers and crossed appendages tomorrow!