Apr 19 2009

Trying To Stay Positive!

Another day gone, and still feeling like crap.  Jess and I are both hurting physically and emotionally.  I woke up this morning with the worst stomach pain from the PESA procedure.  I feel like I was tortured, and all I want is this pain to go away because it is a constant reminder of our first failed attempt.  Jess is dealing with the same.  After cancellation of the egg retrieval, the docs are letting nature take it’s course.  This in turn has made her stomach bloat so much, that she looks as if she is pregnant.  Another reminder of our failed attempt that we wish would just go away, so we can move on!  It’s been tough to stay positive, but we are trying!!

Apr 16 2009

Back To Square One :(

My Pesa procedure this morning produced no sperm, they cancelled Jess’ egg retreival for tommorow.  Right now we are both devestated.  We are hurting emotionally as well as physically.  I really don’t know what to feel. There are so many different feelings  running through me right now.   I can’t beleive we went through all this for nothing.  Jess did 2 weeks of injections, and feeling like shit for nothing.  I’m angry, sad, confused, frustrated, and just basically feel terrible. 


Apr 15 2009

HCG – Day 11


Jess is finally done with stimulation med cocktail.  She did her hCG shot tonight at 10pm.  This morning she made her now daily trip to the Doc, and had the usual Ultrasound (12 measurable follicles, with possibly more to mature for retrieval date)  and her Blood Test (E2 level 2627).   As for me, I have my PESA procedure in the morning.  I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. 

Wish Us Luck!!!!!!

Apr 14 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 10

Day 10 is pretty much the same info as all the other days.  The only change is that the Doc has decreased Jess’ meds.  She had her usual Ultrasound (10 measurable follicles), and Blood Test (E2 at 2332).  This will be her last night of the multiple stimulation injections, her hCG shot is tomorrow.  I think she is looking forward to Thursday, as she doesn’t have to take any meds at all.  The Docs have coordinated the schedule and everything is set in stone.  I have my procedure on Thursday morning at 9am, and Jess’ retrieval is Friday morning at 10am.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.  We have made it this far without a major hiccup!

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (1 vialsand 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (300 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins

Apr 13 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 9

Jess had her every other day trip to the Doc this morning.  They did the usual blood test, and ultrasound.  Her E2 level is 1281, with 9 measurable follicles showing on the ultrasound.  The Doc gave the order today to begin coming in every day from now on.  I guess this means we are coming down to the wire.  Jess has been such trooper with the process so far, especially since most of the past Doc visits, along with all the rest of the Doc visits, are being done on her way to work.  They also told her today,  that tomorrow will be her last day of  her stimulation cocktails (See Below – Meds Taken). She will get the old hCG shot on Wednesday.  This puts my PESA procedure Thursday morning, and Egg Retrieval Friday morning.  Yippee, I can’t wait!!

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins