May 15 2009

Moving Forward

After yesterday’s great news I realized I didn’t explain much.  I got caught up in the moment, and how could you blame me.  As for the MRI results, here is what they said.

  1. Area of signal change involving the right testis that shows contrast enhancement.  This favors residuum of sperm aspiration from the testis rather than a tumor.  Advise interval follow-up sonography in  three months.  (I’m not too fond of the last sentence in that one.)
  2. Small right spermatic cord cyst
  3. Left sided varicocele is demonstrable.  Right side varicocele in non-demonstrable

I’m no doctor, but that sounds like good news to me!!  As for moving on, we have moved our next appointment with the doc up to next week.  He also moved some blood tests up, and cancelled my scrotal ultrasound for the end of the month.  We are going forward with my fertlity issues, and leaving cancer in the dust!!


May 7 2009

Results Inconclusive (Of Course!!)

The results for MRI came back inconclusive.  As if I thought it would be any different.  I get to jump right back into the waiting/wondering  game.  I have an appointment with the doc tomorrow so maybe he can shed some light on things, and try a move stuff on the fast track.  I’m starting to think, that  waiting to see if this mass grows is the wrong choice.  I want to fix things before they get out of control.  For the first time in this whole process, I am beginning to get nervous.