Apr 12 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 8

For starters, Happy Easter.  Not much to report today.  Jess still feels the same although the medicine is helping the pain from the migraines.  We went for breakfast at her moms house, and dinner at my moms house.  We had to do the injections at my mom’s house which was the first time we did them away from home.  I don’t think anyone even noticed or if they did they didn’t care.  It didn’t phase us one bit, because we are like a machine now when it comes to the injections.  We both have specific tasks that come together in the end for the shots. 

I have to mention that it was a really good day for the dog today.  With all that has been going on, we haven’t had much time to get her out of the house (weather has been sucking too!).  She came with us to both houses and had a blast.  She was so tired when she got home she plopped down on the couch and was out!

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins

Apr 11 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 7

Jess and I got up early this morning and took the trip to IVFNJ Somerset office.  Unfortunately they are the only office open on Saturdays.  It wasn’t too bad, as there is no traffic early Saturday morning.  Jess got her ultrasound and blood test done.  The doc was able to count 6 measurable follicles, and her blood test E2 level was 634.  They stated that she was going a little slow and she needed to up her meds.  They increased the dosage of menopur to 2 vials and left all others the same.  While she was getting checked out, Jess mentioned the increase in her migraines (everyday now) as well as the intensity.  They said it was common, and prescribed her some migraine meds (Fioricet).

On another note, we realized with the increase in meds that we needed to contact the pharmacy (Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy) for refills.  They were able to deliver (today) what we needed to get us through the weekend, and would send the rest out after it was approved through insurance.  I have to say, that this pharmacy is great.  They specialize in dealing with fertility medications, and are extremely flexible with getting them to you. 

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins, Kenny 200mg Doxycycline (last dose)

Apr 10 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 6

Jess had off of work today for the Easter holiday.  It couldn’t have worked out any better, because she got a terrible migraine this morning. It got to the point, where I made her call the doctor.  They told her that she could take Advil this time only.  Unfortunately the Advil didn’t do anything, and she pretty much suffered the entire day.  She felt a little better towards night, and then the injections came.  We did the normal medications, and then we prepared the added Cetrotide.  They use this medication to prevent her from ovulating too early.  This is all well and good, but the med didn’t agree with her.  It burned for about an hour, and then left a big swollen welt.  I guess we’ll just have to wait till the AM to ask the doc if this is normal.  We have another blood test/ultrasound first thing tomorrow morning.

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (1 vial and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins, Kenny  200mg Doxycycline

Apr 9 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 5

Today was trip # 2 to the Docs office for blood test and ultrasound.  Poor Jess has to do these tests in the morning on the way to work.  It is nice that office has hours that she can get to them before work so she doesn’t need to take time.  Her blood test results for her E2 level was 336.  The Doc mentioned seeing a couple of follicles today, but didn’t give a count.  They want her to continue same amount of meds,  and start Cetrotide tommorow.  In addition to the shots, she has started Pre-Natal vitamins today.

No real changes on the feelings front.  She still feels weird, but is being a champ.  I’m really proud of how she is handling this.  The meds are starting to take toll.

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur(1 vial and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units) Jess begin pre-natal vitamins (CitraNatal), Kenny 200 mg Doxycycline

Apr 8 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 4

Day 4, no new news.  Things have leveled out a bit, but Jess still feels like crap.  We have got into a routine, and we are just going with the flow.

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Monopur (1 vial and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units) , Kenny  200mg Doxycycline