Apr 29 2010

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Yep, that’s what Jess has!!  Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a severe form of morning sickness, with unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids.  The percentage of pregnant women afflicted range from 0.3% to 2.0%!!  I figure since we only had a minute chance of even getting pregnant with my sperm, that it is only right that we fit into that 2%!!!!! 

Yesterday began completely normal.  We both headed to work, and I got the phone call around 9am.  Jess said she wasn’t feeling good, and she had put a call into the doctor.  Now, I knew she hadn’t been 100 percent for a couple of days, but I had no idea it was this bad.  Jess spent most of her morning in the bathroom (TMI ALERT!!!!!!) with it coming out of both ends!!!!  Her OB sent her directly to the emergency room.  I left work early, but not early enough to catch the first sounds of the heartbeat from our little Choochie.  The ER wanted to check Choochie, and make sure everything was OK.  They told Jess they would try with the doppler, and if they couldn’t find the heartbeat, they would go directly to the ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.  The Docs said not to worry if they didn’t hear anything from the doppler, because it might be a little too early to hear it.  They poked around a bit with no luck until the nurse decided she would give one last try and check higher.  As soon as she moved the probe up, Jess said Choochie was loud and clear, beating at a cool 160bpm’s!!!

They hooked Jess up to IV fluids, and gave her a couple of anti-nasuea shots to even things out.  When they felt she was stable (and not completely pale anymore), they sent us on our way with orders to follow up with the OB today. 

To make a long story short, we headed to the OB today, and were given our marching orders.  They ordered at home IV therapy, and scheduled another checkup for tomorrow.  The company that does the at home therapy called tonight and explained the course of action we would take.  They ordered her continuous IV fluids (IV in the arm) through the weekend as well as a pump for anti-nausea medicine (some kind of port they will put in her thigh).  We don’t have all the details, as they said they would contact us tomorrow, to iron things out.  All I have to say, is this weekend should be very interesting!!  I will definitely keep you all up to speed!!

To Be Continued……..

Feb 21 2010

Stimulation Meds – Day 2

To start out I would like to welcome anyone here from ICLW!!  You came here right at the perfect time!!  Please forgive these boring posts (that I’m spewing out everyday).  Especially the three I shot out today, which according to the date of this post, is actually tomorrow.  That would make today, yesterday or, vice -versa.  Now that the confusion is cleared up, the reason I’m dumping a bunch of posts on you at once, is because I fell a little behind in writing when we got started with the stimulation meds. 

Anyway, we are currently involved in a cycle, and I like to try to document everything.  Yep, that means annoying, daily posts, that only provide information.  I’ll try and throw some emotions and humor in every once in a while, but I’m not promising anything!!  So lets get to the meat and potatoes for today!!

Jess decided to do her injection tonight a little earlier than last night.  I think the same thing happened last cycle.  The meds are making her have some trouble sleeping.  The last cycle, we pushed them 15 minutes earlier each day until she felt comfortable when she went to bed.  Nothing else ground breaking to report, some hot and cold flashes, injection site pain, etc…  Jess is again taking it like a champ.  She does her shots and gets right back to doing what she was doing.  For me, on the other hand, I am a big baby.  I don’t have to inject myself with anything with any adverse reactions, I only have to take my doxycycline and then complain about how it upsets my stomach.  I want sympathy too!!!  😉

Today’s Meds – Jess’ Injections – Menopur(2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (300Units).  Kenny  200mg of stomach splitting doxycycline!!!!!! 🙁

Feb 28 2009

Better/Stronger Than Me

We’ve been at this for almost two months, and I have not told my parents yet.  Today was the day do it.  Especially, since I didn’t have to.  Jess went there to pick up Keena after she got home from a party up north.  My mom watched Keena while she was at the party.  She had been planning this out for a couple days now, and figured that would be the perfect time.  It turns out it was. 

I am not one to come out and tell people.  I don’t know if it is because I am embarrassed, or I feel it is nobodies business.  Regardless, once I know that someone knows, I Have no problem speaking about it.  It’s kind of weird.  I guess I’m just not ready for the reaction, and then followup questions.  I do think I am becoming more comfortable discussing the situation with other people besides Jess.  I’m just waiting for the first uncomfortable conversation about my private parts with my mom, and I’ll tell you how I feel then.

Now, on to the title of the post.  Pretty much self explanatory.  Jess is better/stronger than I am.  No one in my family would have known yet if it wasn’t for her.  It just makes life easier knowing that the important people understand that we are having some tough times right now.  I’m so glad we are together, because what I lack, she brings to the table.  I wouldn’t want to go through this with anyone else!

Feb 24 2009



Jess had a bad day today.  She has been trying for the past week to get the rest of blood test results, specifically the chromosome reflex panel.  The urologist called LabCorp, and they said it would be in today.  Well, after many phone calls and a little confusion, we have no results.  This is so frustrating.  I just want to know whats going on!

I left work early today, because Jess had a little breakdown.  I don’t mind coming home early, but I have done way too many times this year.  We are going to have figure something out to get us through this tough time.