Feb 5 2009


I hate sitting around and just waiting for something to happen.  I’m guessing this is a part of my personality traits.  It seems when something needs to be done, I have to get it done right away or it eats away at me.  This ties in to me not being able to do anything with the fertility issues, and just sitting around and waiting for my appointment at IVF. 

I went out today and picked up all the test results from Jess’ doctor, including mine.  The countdown to the appointment is “slowly” coming to an end.  I’m nervous/excited, and just want to get it over with.

Wish me luck!

Jan 31 2009

The Packet Has Arrived!

I just had to draw the happy face!

When Jess spoke with the receptionist at IVF NJ, they said they would be sending a packet out.  They weren’t kidding.  The packet almost didn’t fit in our mailbox.  It has pages and pages of things to fill out, explanations of procedures, insurance stuff, and even bio’s of the doctors.  It is going to take a good couple of hours to put it all together.  It is worth it though!

Jan 30 2009

Making Little Miracles Come True!

I continued the internet research today.  First of all I needed to find out what our insurance covers.  I was pretty surprised, and happy when I saw that almost 100% of infertility services are fully covered.  There are only a few procedures that require pre-certification. 

Next step was to find a reproductive endocrinologist that was a part of our plan.  This went quick.  I picked the first name on the list and plugged it into Google.  After a some searching through results I found the doctor, and the company he was affiliated with.

Making Little Miracles Come True

The funny thing about this place is that every radio station in the area plays there commercial.  I didn’t realize this until Jessica came home and told me.  It is the commercial that has music and signing at the end with a child’s voice saying,  “Making Little Miracles Come True”.  We laughed, and decided this would be the place we would go with.  Jess got us a consultation for next Friday.  In the meantine, they said they would send an information packet out to us.  I couldn’t believe she was able to get an appointment that soon.  I was sure we would have to wait for months.