Mar 26 2010

Beta #4 (We Graduated!!)



Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 202 % and is considered adequate.

First hCG: 119 mIU/ml        Second hCG: 359 mIU/ml  

hCG Difference: 240 mIU/ml      Time Difference:48 hours        Total hCG Increase: 2.02 % (3)

Daily Rate Increase: 74 % (1.74)            Two Day Rate Increase: 202 % (3.02)

1st Day hCG As If:207 mIU/ml                           2 Days hCG As If:360 mIU/ml  

 We officially graduated from the beta’s today!!!!  We even got a thumbs up from the doc, who seems to always look at the glass half empty.  I just realized I’m actually speechless, and can’t think of anything to write.  We both never thought this day come.  This truly is a miracle!  Our next step is the first ultrasound which is scheduled for next Thursday.

Below is approximatly what the little bugger looks like right now.  The picture is linked to a site with a boat load of info, so head on over there!!

Mar 24 2010

Beta #3


 Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 89 % and is considered adequate.

First hCG: 63 mIU/ml          Second hCG: 119 mIU/ml
       hCG Difference: 56 mIU/ml    Time Difference: 48 hours    Total hCG Increase:0.89 % (1.9)
 Daily Rate Increase: 37 % (1.37)      Two Day Rate Increase: 89 % (1.89)
  1st Day hCG As If: 86 mIU/ml       2 Days hCG As If: 118 mIU/ml


As you can see from above, we are considered adequate!We are the little red line on the chart above.  Still on the low side, but we haven’t fallen below line!!  The number doubled faster than last time, so that is a good sign.  Jess has got Beta #4 on Friday, and I’m hoping this will be our breakout day!  I know I have been asking everyone to pray, and I need you all to continue!  This little bugger isn’t giving up, and every little bit helps!

Mar 22 2010

Beta #2


Not exactly what we were hoping for but still good!!  It doubled, and that’s what matters!!  We have another Beta on Wednesday, so keep praying, and keep those fingers crossed.  The little bugger is fighting, and needs all your support!!

Mar 3 2010

Cycle Day – 12 (hCG Trigger Shot)

What a day!!  It was a race from start till now.  I began the day with a call from Jess, who was a bit frantic about our Cetrotide delivery (which by the way is about 2 days to late!!).  I ‘m not going to even get into our dumb insurance company and their stupid rules.  All I have to say is thank you to IVFNJ for providing us with meds we needed free of charge.  The delivery of Cetrotide we got today, is going to be donated back to them to replenish their donor stock. 

The next disaster of the day was trying to get a appointment with my primary for my medical clearance for my surgery.  Jess, got real close to full panic mode, and probably used all her cell phone minutes for month, and it’s only the 3rd!!  The receptionist was really nasty and short with Jess.  After a brief but nasty exchange, she finally got me an appointment and got all the paperwork faxed for me to bring.  Apparently, I am as healthy as a horse (so says my doc)!  I got my medical clearance and headed home to wait for things to come together.  Unfortunately they never did.  Jess’ docs did their part.  My doc dropped the ball.  We didn’t find out for sure until about 5pm, after about 500 phone calls.  They finally let us know that my surgery was on for tomorrow, and what time I am scheduled for. I’m getting the old Slice and Dice at 7am, wish me luck!!

With that behind us, lets move to tonight. Our house mommy/savior arrived safely.  Jess’ cousin Lori came form Pennsylvania to help us out for the next couple days.  For one, I need someone to come with me to surgery in the morning, because Jess has to get her blood test and ultrasound at the same time.  We also need a runner for my baby batter, once it is extracted.  I have to go to recovery after my surgery, and the goods need to be delivered ASAP.  Jess is going to shoot up to Hackensack to meet up with us as soon as she gets out of the docs office.  Lori is going to run the goods to Somerset, and Jess is going to wait with me until I get released from the hospital.  None of this would work without Lori’s help.  And for that, I have to thank her!  Lori, you win best cousin of the year for that one!!  Love You!!!!!!

 We will be doing the hCG trigger shot for Jess tonight at 10pm.  This puts her for her egg retreival at 10am on Friday.   My retreival is set for 7am tommorow.  Let’s hope everything works out!! 

Jess’ symptoms for the night – she generally feels ok, slight headache, but in good spirits.  Tummy is the same, but it must be nice to only have one shot to do tonight.  She will probably feel like she is in heaven tomorrow, when there are no shots to do!!!!  Now is the time for everyone to cross their fingers and their toes!!  We need all the help we can get!!

Today’s Meds – Jess’ Injections – hCG shot to trigger ovulation

Apr 15 2009

HCG – Day 11


Jess is finally done with stimulation med cocktail.  She did her hCG shot tonight at 10pm.  This morning she made her now daily trip to the Doc, and had the usual Ultrasound (12 measurable follicles, with possibly more to mature for retrieval date)  and her Blood Test (E2 level 2627).   As for me, I have my PESA procedure in the morning.  I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. 

Wish Us Luck!!!!!!