Apr 17 2009

Fired The Doc!

YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!

I really canrt say that I actually fired the Doc (reproductive urologist, Marlton, NJ) because I don’t think he wanted to go any further or try help me anyway.  I called him today to see what my next step would be.  In the beginning when we met him we had discussed about going a diagnostic route to try and figure what the problem was.  He had said at that point, that we aren’t there yet.  When I spoke with yesterday, and asked “What’s the next step for me?”  The only response I got over and over again was “You’re only option is donor!”  I can’t believe this because they are signs that I am producing sperm.  While it might not be a lot, I am still producing sperm.  He had no sympathy and hurried the conversation with me.  He even recited incorrect blood test results, that when I tried to correct, he could only say, “Well, I don’t have your chart in front of me”.  So for all intensive purposes, I FIRED THE DOC TODAY!!!

Now for some good news.  After a couple of hours of Internet research, we have found another reproductive urologist that is not too far away.  He is out of Hackensack, and has a pretty impressive background.  He is much younger than the last one and hopefully more aggressive.  I guess we’ll find out soon, because I have an appointment on the 23rd.  That’s next week!!