Mar 11 2010

Cycle Day – 20 (We Got Snowbabies!!)

Our Snowbabies

We are 3 days post transfer.  Every day that goes by is another day closer to some hopefully, great news.  We got a small, early gift today!!  Jess called the embryologist this morning to get an update on our 8 little embabies still at the lab.  Unfortunately, 5 didn’t make it.  But 3 were of good enough quality to freeze!!  They all made it to the blastocyst formation.  One of them was graded an A.  The other two were B’s.  We got snowbabies!!  3 little angels in waiting!  This is great news!!  We only had a small chance to even fertilize with my sperm, and an even smaller chance to have any extra.  God forbid something goes wrong with the current implantation, we now have something to fall back on.  We have beaten all the odds, and I am so relieved, and happy.  It lifts a huge weight off our shoulders, and it’s one less thing to think about!!  I don’t know too much about the grading process, but here is a good site that gives some info: Embryo Grading

Not much news on the implantation front.  Jess continues to get new and weird symptoms each day.  I’m chalking them up to early pregnancy symptoms, but who knows.  There are so many things that could, or may not happen during the implantation process.  There is no clear indication either way, and the only way to tell is to wait for the blood test.  We both get nervous with every new symptom that arrives.  For example, Jess is getting some cramping a lot lower than she has ever had it before, as well as some clear discharge that started today.   Dr. Google can’t pin this one down!   It could possibly be the beginning of the formation of the mucus plug, or it could be the reaction to her progesterone shots, or a million other things!!!!  I’m going try and not look up every symptom from now on as it might drive me crazy!!

I had to go back on antiobiotics today.  I am having the same post surgery incontinence symptoms I had after the last surgery.  Nothing too major or embarrasing, just annoying.  Last time, the cipro did the trick!! As for the surgery, I’m almost back to normal.  I’m feeling much better everyday.

Keep the good thoughts and prayers up!!  It has all worked so far!!!!!

Meds for Jess – Estrace, PIO IM injection

Meds for Kenny – Ciproflaxcin 🙁

Mar 9 2010

Cycle Day – 18 (1 Day Post Transfer)

Today was completely uneventful.  It’s only the first day of our waiting, and it already sucks!!  Jess has an appointment next Monday for blood work, and then the big Beta test is next Friday 3/19/10.  We will both probably be completely insane by then, but I’m guessing we will get through it one piece.  I’ve read countless blogs, and websites, about the two week wait.  It seems as though most people feel the exact same as we do.  Every little cramp or pain gets both of our attentions.  Luckily for us, the two week wait is counted from the date of egg retrieval.  We technically have an 11 day wait.  We got a couple day pass!!

Jess pretty much felt like crap all day, and slept through most of it.  I am still in a bit pain, but am moving around a heck of a lot more than I was two days ago.  The whole “both of us” having surgery within 1 day of each other is probably not the best idea.  I do however realize it was our only option.  I would caution anyone else who has the option, to not do it.  I know for a fact we would have never made it through the weekend if our house mommy (Lori) wasn’t here.  As for the last couple days, were making it by, but only by the skin of our teeth!!!  I know this will all be worth it end. 

Jess’ Meds of the day – Estrace, PIO IM shot

Kenny’s Meds of the day – Percocet (little bit less every day!!)

Mar 8 2010

Cycle Day – 17 (Transfer Day!!)

Today was our day 3 cell stage transfer.  We were hoping for a 5 day blast transfer, but the embryologist said there are 2 perfect embabies she wants to transfer today.  Who am I to argue with that!!!!  Jess left work early, and we headed on up to the docs office around 1pm.

Above is the transfer report showing awesome numbers for our two embabies!!!  Our embryologist explained it, and then gave us a picture of our embabies.  Se said that  the 2 embryos to be implanted looked great!!    They were both greater than 8 cells and had started to compact.  She assured us that these two were great, and what you would call and embryologists dream!!  After they went over the paperwork, they dressed me in scrubs and ushered us into the operating room.  The actual transfer procedure was all of about 2 minutes.  The rest of the time was filled with them preparing her and the embryos for transfer.  We spent the next half hour in the recovery area with Jess in the  Trendelenburg position. (I never knew there was a name for it either!!)  After they were comfortable with her leaving, we hopped in the car and headed home.  They put Jess on bed rest for today and tomorrow.  Strict instructions to only get up to eat and go potty.  This makes for interesting combination of bed rest and useless surgery guy!!  We are managing, and I will live.  I’m starting to feel better every day!! 

Aren’t they pretty?  I think they have my eyes, but Jess swears that they have her smile!!!  Let’s just hope they are feeling extra sticky!!  For now we are going by the PUPO acronym.  We are Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!!!!  We Need lots of sticky dust!!

Jess’ Meds for the day – Last doses of Medrol, and Ciproflaxcin.   Diazepam for Embryo transfer. Begin Estrace 2 times per day.  Continue PIO IM injection.  GET REST!!

Kenny’s Meds for the day – Percocet (TAKE CARE OF JESSI!!!!!)