May 16 2010

Nuchal Translucency Thingy And A Milestone

This past Thursday was a doctor packed day!  Jess had a Nuchal Translucency Scan, followed by an OB visit.  I was off, so I got to be the driver/supporter!!  The Nuchal scan was pretty cool.  It was pretty much just a high resolution ultrasound with a very crabby ultrasound tech (People skills were not her forte’).  Choochie was completely out of control the entire exam, and it was hard for the tech to get the measurements.  Sometimes, during these tests, if the baby is cooperating, you can determine the sex of the baby.  Well let’s just say that when the Doc came in to go over the results, and do another ultrasound, the first thing she said was, “Wow, the baby is doing a hand stand!”  Needless to say, we were unable to get a very early sex determination.  As for the test itself, all the measurements taken were well below the danger zone values.  This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem, it just means that there is a greater chance of there not being one.  We won’t get our full 94% accurate answer for another 5 weeks.  Thursdays scan, and blood test, will be combined with another blood test in about 5 weeks, which will give us our 94% accurate answer.

We got another set of a bit more detailed ultrasound photos, to add to our ever expanding catalog.  We must have the most ultrasounds ever!!  CRL length was 4.78cm, and Heartbeat was 167bpm!!



Immediately following the nuchal scan, Jess had a followup OB appointment.  The doc was going to do another ultrasound, but since we just had one not two hours earlier, Jess convinced him just to use the doppler and find the heartbeat (166bpm).  The appointment was for a followup regarding the Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  The doc and Jess came to the conclusion, that things were definitely not getting worse, and kinda of getting better.  He took Jess out of work for 1 more week, and decided to try and start weening Jess off of the Zofran Pump.  Hopefully things will stay the same, and we can get back to normal!! 

As of Friday, Choochie was 12 weeks!!  Now, some books, and websites say this is the entry to the Second Trimester, while others say 14 weeks.  This is all a little confusing, so when we were at the OB visit on Thursday, we decided to task the Doc.  He said “technically” the second trimester would start 8 days after week 12, but most people, and docs go with the 12 week mark.  I think we are going to stick to the 12 week mark, because any relief from the crappy symptoms of the first trimester are welcome with open arms.  So here’s to the the start of our second and hopefully a symptom free trimester!! (On a side note, the last two days have pretty much sucked for Jess)

I purchased an at home doppler for Jess for her soon to be Mothers Day!!  I originally though it was too soon to hear anything, but we have been able to find the heartbeat almost every time.  I am waiting until its really loud to do any recordings.  As soon as It gets loud enough, you can bet that it will be posted. 

OK, enough about us, let’s get on to Choochie & Jess

How far along? 12 Weeks 2 days!

How Big Is Choochie?  Choochie weighs a full half-ounce and is about the size of a large plum. Most systems are in place, though there’s still plenty of maturing to do.  The fetal digestive system is beginning to practice contraction movements necessary for eating, and the bone marrow is busy making white blood cells.  The pituitary gland has started producing the hormones that will enable him (or her) to make babies of his (or her) own in a couple of decades or so.  (Unless they pick up the old infertility trait from me!! 😉  )

12 Week Old Fetus

Maternity clothes? Nothing too “Maternity” yet.  Shirts are fine, but jeans seem to be the problem.  Jess has a couple of maternity jeans, but she seems to be right in the area where she can’t fit into either.

Stretch marks? Not yet!!!

Sleep? Crappy at best!  Jess gets up many times during the night to pee, and just can’t seem to get comfortable

Movement? Choochie is out of control on the ultrasounds, but no feelings yet!!

Food cravings? Waffles, and pizza!!  (the only 2 things Jess can keep down!)

Gender? Still a little too early (plus the chooch doesn’t want to cooperate!) 

Milestones: Second Trimester WOO HOO!!!

Emotions: All over the place

May 8 2010

11 Weeks

Yesterday was the 11 week mark!! We are coming towards the end of the first trimester.  Jess had an appointment for a  checkup at the OB, so we headed on over there in the morning.  The appointment was just another followup on the Hyperemesis Gravidarum debacle.  The doc tried to find the heart beat with the doppler but couldn’t.  He squeezed us in for a quick ultrasound, so we didn’t leave worried.  The ultrasound tech found Choochie immediately, and measured the heart beat at 166bpm.  The exact same as last Saturday.  Choochie was frisky today.  Lot’s of leg movements, and arm movements!!  The tech took the pic a second too late, because the little bugger flipped over, and as you can see in the picture above, that is a wonderful shot of Choochie’s back!!  I was really surprised at how much more it looks like a baby now, than it did last ultrasound. 

Little Choochie, (almost two inches long) has been pretty busy this week, growing hair follicles, and fingernails.  There are distinct human characteristics now, with hands and feet in front of the body, ears nearly in their final shape, open nasal passages on the tip of the nose, a tongue, and palate in the mouth.   The hands and feet have individual fingers and toes!!  The picture below is a visual representation of the approximate size


On to Jess.  The past week has been touch and go.  The Hyperemesis Gravidarum has really taken a toll on her.  We have been able to stop the weight loss, but we still have not really gained much back.  We were able to discontinue the IV fluids (Lactated Ringers solution).  It wasn’t by choice at first, but the nurses said as long as she stays hydrated, and gets some food down it is OK.  Jess had some sort of reaction to the IV site, which is the original reason for removing it!


She is still using the micro infusion pump, with mixed results.  Some times she feels great, and sometimes, not so great.  The main complaint with pump is that Jess feels really out of it if she has it on for the entire day. 

She is definitely eating much more than she did at the beginning of the week.  The nausea and diarrhea are still pretty bad, but there hasn’t been much action on the puking front.  Weight Loss has ceased for now, I would just like to see her gain some of what she lost back.  That will put us back on the right track.

May 4 2010

Late Update

Last Friday, was our 10 week mark.  I never got to post about it because of the Hyperemesis Gravidarum debacle.  Jess had a checkup with the OB on Friday, and they wanted to check for the heartbeat with the doppler.  The doc wasn’t able to find it, so they wanted Jess back on Saturday for an ultrasound.  The nursing service set up a delivery and visit for Saturday as well.  Jess headed out to the ultrasound with her mom, while I sat home and waited for our delivery.  The ultrasound showed a healthy and twitchy little Choochie!!  The CRL measurement was 3.0cm , and heartbeat was 166bpm.

While Jess was out, the delivery arrived.  I was a little mad because the Fed Ex driver, said that there was no need for a signature.  I could have been there to see the little movements.  😥  Oh well, I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities to for me.  The delivery was 4 big boxes.

Everything came in the boxes except the micro-infusion pump.  The nurse contacted us and said she had it.  Along with the pump, she brought her own big box of stuff as well.  It was more supplies, and mountains of paperwork.  When she arrived, she immediately got into the paperwork.  As soon as she was done with that, she hooked up the micro-infusion pump, to deliver the anti-nausea med, Zofran.

The nurse said the best place to hook this up would be the stomach.  She said it would be absorbed better in the stomach than it would in the leg.  That is of course, if Jess could tolerate it.  Tolerate it she did!!

The pump delivers the meds subcutaneously for 20 hours.  Jess said she didn’t even really feel it.  The only pain in the butt, was that she had to carry the little pump around like a purse.  It even had it’s own stylish black case with a strap. 

When the nurse was finished with the micro-infusion pump, she went back to the paperwork, and finished that up.  This was the start of stab fest 2010.  Jess was so dehydrated that the nurse had a real hard time getting the IV attached.  It took 7 or 8 different tries to get the IV started.  The nurse finally had to use a pediatric IV thingy to finally get it in.

The IV was hooked up to 1000ml Lactaded Ringers Solution bags.  The prescription was for Jess to get 3000ml a day.  Along with this, Jess had to check her Ketones with pee sticks.  The first one she used truly showed how dehydrated she really was!! It was the darkest color the bottle had on it.  (Dark=Bad)

After the nurse was finished, she packed up her stuff and left Jess and I to our new home hospital suite.  The rest of night went well, and we adjusted to numerous lines, and pole attached to Jess.  I had to work on Sunday, so Jess was on her own.  She did well, and was finally starting to feel better.  She was even able to get a bunch of food down.  This brings us to Monday, and today.  There were a couple developments, but I’ll save them for another post.  I just realized this one was getting really long!!



Apr 16 2010

A Bump In The Road

Okay, so I fibbed a bit the other day!  I said we were discharged, and that we had only a couple more shots to do.  Well, I was wrong on both.  Jess ended up back at the RE today, and we are officially done with shots!! 

We called the on duty doc last night because Jess’ injection site blew up like a balloon!!  Not only was it weirdly swollen and disfigured, it was about 200 degrees, really red, and very painful.  The doc told Jess to head on in this morning, to check it out.  Well it seems as though her body decided that it doesn’t like the shots anymore, and is completely rejecting the progesterone.  The doc said that, while this is not normal, it does happen.  It could be an allergic reaction as well.  She also said that this could get worse before it gets better 🙁 .  The doc stopped the shots and told Jess she really didn’t need a progesterone supplement anymore, but for piece of mind she wrote her a scrip for suppositories.  So, today is officially (fingers crossed) our last day at the RE, and the beginning of no more shots!! Woo Hoo!!

Today is also officially 8 weeks on the nose!  To get an idea of the size, check out the pic below!!

In addition to Jess’ unscheduled appointment, we got an extra super secret, paranoia driven ultrasound!

Little Chooch had a 2.5mm growth spurt in the last to days!  This brings the little bugger up to 14.7mm CRL.  The doc said Choochie looked great.  I wasn’t able to make it to the ultrasound, but Jess said the heartbeat was really bright today, and beating like a champ!  Hopefully the OB will give us another ultrasound next week, so we can see another awesome growth spurt!!

Grow Choochie, Grow!!!! 😆

Apr 7 2010

Had Me At The First Beat

I know I have been sounding like a broken record lately, but I am still truly in awe of the results!!  I have no words that can express the happiness I feel!  My heart is swollen with love, excitement, and pride!!  Every time Jess and I talk about it, we are both overcome with a sense of excitement, confusion, and raw emotion!!  I am not one to get emotional, but every time I think about the reality, I am filled with an almost overwhelming  sense of a volcano ready to explode.  Everything that has built up over the last couple of years can now erupt, and I can leave it behind!!  This truly is a miracle in the making, and I so grateful to everyone that has stood by us through the good and bad!

The pictures below are the start of our family.  They are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I am beaming!!  We have created a blessing that we will be grateful for, forever!   I can’t believe I love you this much already little Choochie!

 We were able to see the heartbeat today, and the doc said everything is looking great.  As you can see, the yolk sack and little Choochie are clearly visible.  We completely forgot to get the measurements, and they printed the pictures out before they came on the screen. 


On a lighter note, I can totally see the resemblance to me!!  I think it has my head shape and spine!!  😆