Aug 18 2009

A Sign?

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines recently and just taking one day at a time.  It felt better to sit back and read all of your stories, than write more about 2009, “the year of bad luck” (so far).  I kept thinking that everything happening was a major bad luck streak.  The more and more I think about, I know that the less positive I am, that I will definitely be clinically depressed in no time (possibly bi-polar).  I also noticed a few things that are either small signs of things to come, or just plain good luck.  For one, the nasty little birds nest that I wrote about in the last post, produced 2 baby birds (at least someone that lives here is having babies!!).  When I went to evict them, I realized that there were babies, I also realized that I am a big sap.  I definitely didn’t have the heart to evict them.  They left a couple days ago anyway so my front porch, which was their toilet, is back to normal.  I also replaced the light they were in so I don’t have this problem in the future.  Here is picture of one of my babies:

Isn't he cute, minus the poop everywhere!!

Isn't he cute, minus the poop everywhere!! (click on image for larger version)

Yes, I know the light looks ghetto, as well as dangerous!  This should have been replaced last year.  After I put up the new light, I noticed a bunch lady bugs on my back deck.  I heard that they are good luck.  Well that’s what I’m going with, so if you’ve heard otherwise, please don’t tell me.  As for me, I have been feeling great, definitely 100%.  All the stress of the last couple months is starting to ease.  Jess and I are planning a little last minute getaway.  We both need it.  The last one was way too short.  So, in lieu of my super summer deck rebuilding extravaganza, we’ll will be of to OBX for a little while.  It was a last minute decision, and the only way for it to work with my work schedule, would be to do it soon.  This is one of our favorite places to go, and you couldn’t pick a better place to just relax, and take in the scenery.  After this mini-vaca, we will be on the home stretch to October, where we will dust ourselves off, hop back on the roller coaster, and join the rest you for the ride!!

Feb 25 2009

A New Outlook!

After my early departure from work the other day, I needed to sit down with Jess and work something out.  She decided to stay home from work today, so we could straighten some stuff out.  She is having just as hard a time with this as me.  I wish there was some way to just get me fixed so that she would feel better.  We had a good discussion.  I think she realizes that I really can’t take anymore unscheduled time off of work, especially if I am going to need any type of surgical procedure. I just want her to be strong.  I know there will be times when everything is too much to handle, but if she could be strong and get through it, then as each day passes it will get easier.