Feb 25 2010

Stimulation Meds – Day 6 (Add Cetrotide)

The day started off for me waking up to a phone call from the RE.  Jess was on her way to work, and I was still sleeping.  Now the first thing you think of when the doc is calling that early in the morning on a day your not even scheduled to go there, is that something must be wrong.  Fortunately for Jess the nice doc was just calling to tell her that she should could come in today instead of tomorrow because of the snowicanes impending doom!!  Unfortunately for me, I was unable to get my beauty sleep (believe me I need it!!)!  My little sidekick Keena thinks that when the phone rings, it’s time to get up!!  That is her alarm clock!!  Oh well, I guess I’ll live!!  It definitely makes it a hell of a lot easier now that we don’t have to try and trek out tomorrow morning in all the snow.  Enough about me, let’s move on to Jess.

Jess had to leave work early to get to the docs office today for her unscheduled surprise blood test and ultrasound.  Isn’t she lucky, she got to do it 2 days in a row!!  It’s kind of like practice for when they make her come everyday.  That should be coming soon!  We won’t be able to get any results from the blood work until tomorrow, and the ultrasound showed the same follicles as yesterday, but a whole lot more small ones!! (Grow Follies, Grow!!!)  The doc said to continue her meds the same with the addition of the extra Cetrotide shot tonight, and that they would call tomorrow with the blood test results.  Unfortunately for Jess, the addition of the Cetrotide, means the addition of another subcutaneous shot. 😥

As for symptoms, Jess began getting the migraines again, like she did last cycle. In fact on the exact same cycle calendar day.  It was pretty bad for her today.  When she got home from the docs office, she took a long nap.  When she woke up, she felt a little better but it was still lingering in the back of her head.  The doc prescribed her some pain meds, so hopefully I can get out tomorrow and get them filled.  I’m not quite sure how much snow we are going to get, so I don’t know when or if I will be able to get out.  It’s looking like around a foot, so if that’s the case, I will be able to get out, but not till afternoon.  The (2) shots tonight, were a bit worse than normal.  Jess had a little more pain than normal, and some itching that she never had before.  It could be the addition of the Cetrotide, but who knows.  It’s been almost a year since the last cycle, so I don’t remember everything.  Let’s just hope that this is the worst of the worst!!  If it is, I know she can handle it, she is a trooper!!  Plus, it will be well worth it in the end!!

Today’s Meds – Jess’ Injections – Menopur(2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (300Units), Add Cetrotide shot as well (.25mg).  Kenny  200mg  of doxycycline (ouchy on my tummy :-()

Apr 14 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 10

Day 10 is pretty much the same info as all the other days.  The only change is that the Doc has decreased Jess’ meds.  She had her usual Ultrasound (10 measurable follicles), and Blood Test (E2 at 2332).  This will be her last night of the multiple stimulation injections, her hCG shot is tomorrow.  I think she is looking forward to Thursday, as she doesn’t have to take any meds at all.  The Docs have coordinated the schedule and everything is set in stone.  I have my procedure on Thursday morning at 9am, and Jess’ retrieval is Friday morning at 10am.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.  We have made it this far without a major hiccup!

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (1 vialsand 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (300 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins

Apr 13 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 9

Jess had her every other day trip to the Doc this morning.  They did the usual blood test, and ultrasound.  Her E2 level is 1281, with 9 measurable follicles showing on the ultrasound.  The Doc gave the order today to begin coming in every day from now on.  I guess this means we are coming down to the wire.  Jess has been such trooper with the process so far, especially since most of the past Doc visits, along with all the rest of the Doc visits, are being done on her way to work.  They also told her today,  that tomorrow will be her last day of  her stimulation cocktails (See Below – Meds Taken). She will get the old hCG shot on Wednesday.  This puts my PESA procedure Thursday morning, and Egg Retrieval Friday morning.  Yippee, I can’t wait!!

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins

Apr 12 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 8

For starters, Happy Easter.  Not much to report today.  Jess still feels the same although the medicine is helping the pain from the migraines.  We went for breakfast at her moms house, and dinner at my moms house.  We had to do the injections at my mom’s house which was the first time we did them away from home.  I don’t think anyone even noticed or if they did they didn’t care.  It didn’t phase us one bit, because we are like a machine now when it comes to the injections.  We both have specific tasks that come together in the end for the shots. 

I have to mention that it was a really good day for the dog today.  With all that has been going on, we haven’t had much time to get her out of the house (weather has been sucking too!).  She came with us to both houses and had a blast.  She was so tired when she got home she plopped down on the couch and was out!

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins

Apr 11 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 7

Jess and I got up early this morning and took the trip to IVFNJ Somerset office.  Unfortunately they are the only office open on Saturdays.  It wasn’t too bad, as there is no traffic early Saturday morning.  Jess got her ultrasound and blood test done.  The doc was able to count 6 measurable follicles, and her blood test E2 level was 634.  They stated that she was going a little slow and she needed to up her meds.  They increased the dosage of menopur to 2 vials and left all others the same.  While she was getting checked out, Jess mentioned the increase in her migraines (everyday now) as well as the intensity.  They said it was common, and prescribed her some migraine meds (Fioricet).

On another note, we realized with the increase in meds that we needed to contact the pharmacy (Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy) for refills.  They were able to deliver (today) what we needed to get us through the weekend, and would send the rest out after it was approved through insurance.  I have to say, that this pharmacy is great.  They specialize in dealing with fertility medications, and are extremely flexible with getting them to you. 

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur (2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg), Citranatal Vitamins, Kenny 200mg Doxycycline (last dose)