Nov 13 2009

Staying On The Same Track

Not much to report here.  I had my follow up with the doc, who gave us a better timeline.  We are looking at trying a cycle (with donor back up of course) around late February early March (this most likely means April, as nothing ever goes as planned).  He wants a full 5 or 6 months of the clomid, to increase any chances of me producing sperm.  Along with our talk, I gave my customary gallon of blood, as well as the ever so pleasant and may I add popular, Ol’ Jingle Jingle that comes with every visit to the urologist, but leaves me tender for a couple days!  How many people can say they had another man fondle their nuts on their wedding anniversary!!  😀

 Anyway, I got the phone call of my blood results yesterday.  It seems I am completely on track with the clomid.  The reference ranges for testosterone are approximately between 200 – 800 ng/dl.  My levels in Feb of 09 were 364 ng/dl.  They pretty much stayed right around there until after my varicocele surgery.  They first retested me on 10/13 with a result of 417 ng/dl.  I began taking the clomid on 10/19 and I was retested on 11/10 with a result of 574 ng/dl.  I know that testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, and I’m no doc, but I’ve never had a result over 400, so the clomid must be working.  The doc directed me to continue with the same dose I’ve been taking, and come back in 2 months.  Has anyone else in the infertility world noticed that it’s never days or weeks, waits always come in multiple months.  That officially closes out 2009 for infertility docs, blood draws, and scrotal exams (thank God on that last one), and goes down as one the crappiest (is that even a word) years of my life.  This does however mean, that it can only get better from here!!  Once you hit the bottom, the only thing left is up!!

On another note, Jess and I made the appointment with the Infertility counselor.  We will be going in the beginning of December to discuss our family building options, and whatever else they do there (I will probably end up institutionalized at the end of that meeting.  Then again, I am probably no more crazy than the next person dealing with all this.  I’m pretty sure this counselor has dealt with people that are bat-shit crazy.  Infertility can definitely have that affect on you!!). I think it will be really good for us.  Hopefully it will lower the stress, and prepare us for the tough choices we are going to  have to make for our family.  I know I’ve said we are both for the donor sperm, and we still are, but it is still tough emotionally.  I want us both, never to regret any decisions that we have made, or will make in the future.  Regardless of the decisions we do make, as long as it comes from the both of us, I’m sure it will be the correct one.

May 18 2009

Feeling Like A Lab Rat

I had some more blood tests done today.  Nothing special,  just the regular ol’  “why are you infertile tests”.  When the nurse came in, she gave me a strange look.  She kept looking down at my arms, (which by the way are completely bruised on both sides from the what seems like hundreds of recent blood tests and MRI’s) and then finally said something.  She asked if I had any other blood tests recently.  I explained the last couple I had as well as the contrast burn from the MRI.  The next question was whether or not she had done any of them.  I told her no, and she quickly replied, “Which girl here did?”   I willingly pointed out her coworker and she laughed.  I guess my arms shouldn’t have looked the way they did.  She probably thought I was some kind of addict.  Oh, well.  I could really care less.  I guess it’s it time to find a new lab!!

Feb 13 2009

Some Results = More Confusion

Jess called the doctor (reproductive urologist) this morning to see if any of the test results came in.  They said that had not received anything yet, and would keep an eye out.  She called back a couple of hours later and the receptionist said that she had just received them.  They only got the results for the testosterone, FSH, LH, Prolactin, and whatever other hormone levels they ordered.  The chromosome and genetic tests (cystic firbrosis) take a little longer.  To my surprise, all the hormone tests came back with normal results. 

This is where the confusion begins.  I was thinking that these results would have been the ones to come back bad (meaning testicular failure).  Now that they show no problem, I have to think that it must be some type of chromosome problem.  I haven’t done much research on this but everything I do read shows symptoms that do not apply to me.  I guess I will just have to wait and see.