Mar 26 2010

Beta #4 (We Graduated!!)



Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 202 % and is considered adequate.

First hCG: 119 mIU/ml        Second hCG: 359 mIU/ml  

hCG Difference: 240 mIU/ml      Time Difference:48 hours        Total hCG Increase: 2.02 % (3)

Daily Rate Increase: 74 % (1.74)            Two Day Rate Increase: 202 % (3.02)

1st Day hCG As If:207 mIU/ml                           2 Days hCG As If:360 mIU/ml  

 We officially graduated from the beta’s today!!!!  We even got a thumbs up from the doc, who seems to always look at the glass half empty.  I just realized I’m actually speechless, and can’t think of anything to write.  We both never thought this day come.  This truly is a miracle!  Our next step is the first ultrasound which is scheduled for next Thursday.

Below is approximatly what the little bugger looks like right now.  The picture is linked to a site with a boat load of info, so head on over there!!

Mar 24 2010

Beta #3


 Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 89 % and is considered adequate.

First hCG: 63 mIU/ml          Second hCG: 119 mIU/ml
       hCG Difference: 56 mIU/ml    Time Difference: 48 hours    Total hCG Increase:0.89 % (1.9)
 Daily Rate Increase: 37 % (1.37)      Two Day Rate Increase: 89 % (1.89)
  1st Day hCG As If: 86 mIU/ml       2 Days hCG As If: 118 mIU/ml


As you can see from above, we are considered adequate!We are the little red line on the chart above.  Still on the low side, but we haven’t fallen below line!!  The number doubled faster than last time, so that is a good sign.  Jess has got Beta #4 on Friday, and I’m hoping this will be our breakout day!  I know I have been asking everyone to pray, and I need you all to continue!  This little bugger isn’t giving up, and every little bit helps!

Mar 22 2010

Beta #2


Not exactly what we were hoping for but still good!!  It doubled, and that’s what matters!!  We have another Beta on Wednesday, so keep praying, and keep those fingers crossed.  The little bugger is fighting, and needs all your support!!

Mar 19 2010

And The Results Are….

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