Aug 4 2009

What’s Next, Bring It On!!

I have had a couple minor setbacks concerning my doctor free summer.  These aren’t fertility issues, but it just shows the luck I have had this year.  Last week I burned my arm on the oven door. 


Doesn't look too bad here, but you should see it now. The skin has popped and peeled back!!

Yesterday, I smashed my finger at work. (No pic for the finger because as of right now it’s not gross enough or nasty looking enough to post.  I don’t want anyone calling me a big wuss!!)  Nothing too too bad, but enough to send me home, splint and all.  I’m not alone in the bad luck streak though.  Jess has had her fair share as well.  A couple weeks ago a suicidal tree decided to fall in front of her car while she was driving on the highway.  I know what your thinking, damn I hate those suicidal trees!!!  We seem to have a fair share of them here in Jersey. Anyway, the tree left some wonderful marks on the front of the car, down the side, and around the back.  It will take me a lot of time, and an investment in rubbing compound but I think it will be fine.  We have renamed our belovedChevrolet to the Treeblazer. 

The day before I smashed my finger, Jessica cut hers pretty good.  She was preparing her culinary specialty when tragedy struck.  The knife sliced through, not only the food, but her finger as well.  Damn Bagels!!!!!!!

There are a couple more stories related to bad to luck.  One dealing with Jess getting stuck in an elevator recently and another dealing with a bird that has taken up residence in my front porch light and decided to make my front porch into his personal bathroom. (contemplating eviction on this one)  I’ll save everyone from the boredom, and get to my point.

What’s Next?  I’m pretty much ready to take anything thrown at me at this point.  I know these are minor things, and it could be much worse.  When does it end though?  They say bad things come in threes, but I am convinced it is multiples of threes.  I’m not too sure which one yet, but I’ll let everyone know when the streak is over!!

Update 8/5/09

Since I mentioned it, I just had to post and updated pic!!

Since I mentioned it, I just had to post and updated pic!!