Jul 15 2010

Anatomy (Take Two!)

Yesterday was our second attempt at our level 2 anatomy scan.  Choochie decided to cooperate much better this time.  The doc decided to do the whole scan over again, so we got another hours worth of Choochie TV!!  With the amazing views, came a bit of bad news.  Things were going so smoothly.  With our track record, I knew that would eventually come to an end.  First off, here are a couple new pics of our baby girl!!

Choochies Feet!!


 Face Shot!


Profile Pic!

Isn’t she cute?  Anyway, on to the news.

The scan, for the most part went really well.  All of Choochies measurements and major parts looked great.  The only problem was a small white spot inside one of her heart chambers.  The heart itself was structurally fine.  The doc said this white spot was a calcification inside one of the chambers of the heart.  He made sure to continually let us know, that this probably was nothing to worry about.  He seemed to portray that he sees this multiple times a day, and most either disappear, of have no effect whatsoever.  He did however let us know that this could be a soft marker for downs syndrome.  He was quick to tell us that by no means does this mean that there is a problem, and healthy babies are born with this every day.  With the results of our Nuchal Translucency scan, and the blood tests, he said that this little spot brings our 1 in 10000 chance down to 1 in around 5000.  He also said that if there was any test that he really trusted, it was the Nuchal Translucency, which we passed with flying colors (something like .09).  It was a weird feeling, hearing the doc tell us that there could be something wrong with  our little miracle.  We did however, leave there feeling confident, without too much worry about it.  The real worry came at the end of the appointment, when the ultrasound tech came in and asked the doc to recheck the cervix, because she got a small measurement.  The doc agreed, and Jess was prepared for another surprise wanding!!  The cervix measured at 2.60cm.  The scan they did last week was 3cm.  A couple weeks earlier, at the OB’s office it was 4.36.  Clearly we have a change.  The doc said she wasn’t in the danger zone yet, but it is clear that the cervix is diminishing.  The “short cervix” carries a major risk of preterm labor.  It is a very scary thought.  We have come this far, and we already love her so much!! 😥

We finally got the return phone call from Jess’ OB regarding yesterdays results.  At first he didn’t seem worried at all, and said some people just have short cervix’s.  He changed his tune as soon as looked back to a couple of weeks ago and saw the dramatic change from 4 to 2 cm.  I believe his exact words were “OOOOOHHHHHH!!!”  He did however say that we are not  in the danger zone yet, and that he felt confident waiting until Monday for a followup ultrasound.  Jess discussed options for the future, just in case it gets worse.  One option is a cervical cerclage.  Unfortunately at 21 weeks (tomorrow) there is a huge risk of doing damage.  The doc said he wouldn’t even consider a cerclage if we were past the 26 week mark.   They usually like to put them in between 12 and 14 weeks.  I guess we’ll cross that bridge when or if we get to it.  Otherwise it is strict bed rest, and possible admittance until delivery.  Jess is on modified bed rest until Monday.  We will have more direction then.  Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse, and we can get into the late weeks of pregnancy.  Please pray for us!!




May 4 2010

Late Update

Last Friday, was our 10 week mark.  I never got to post about it because of the Hyperemesis Gravidarum debacle.  Jess had a checkup with the OB on Friday, and they wanted to check for the heartbeat with the doppler.  The doc wasn’t able to find it, so they wanted Jess back on Saturday for an ultrasound.  The nursing service set up a delivery and visit for Saturday as well.  Jess headed out to the ultrasound with her mom, while I sat home and waited for our delivery.  The ultrasound showed a healthy and twitchy little Choochie!!  The CRL measurement was 3.0cm , and heartbeat was 166bpm.

While Jess was out, the delivery arrived.  I was a little mad because the Fed Ex driver, said that there was no need for a signature.  I could have been there to see the little movements.  😥  Oh well, I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities to for me.  The delivery was 4 big boxes.

Everything came in the boxes except the micro-infusion pump.  The nurse contacted us and said she had it.  Along with the pump, she brought her own big box of stuff as well.  It was more supplies, and mountains of paperwork.  When she arrived, she immediately got into the paperwork.  As soon as she was done with that, she hooked up the micro-infusion pump, to deliver the anti-nausea med, Zofran.

The nurse said the best place to hook this up would be the stomach.  She said it would be absorbed better in the stomach than it would in the leg.  That is of course, if Jess could tolerate it.  Tolerate it she did!!

The pump delivers the meds subcutaneously for 20 hours.  Jess said she didn’t even really feel it.  The only pain in the butt, was that she had to carry the little pump around like a purse.  It even had it’s own stylish black case with a strap. 

When the nurse was finished with the micro-infusion pump, she went back to the paperwork, and finished that up.  This was the start of stab fest 2010.  Jess was so dehydrated that the nurse had a real hard time getting the IV attached.  It took 7 or 8 different tries to get the IV started.  The nurse finally had to use a pediatric IV thingy to finally get it in.

The IV was hooked up to 1000ml Lactaded Ringers Solution bags.  The prescription was for Jess to get 3000ml a day.  Along with this, Jess had to check her Ketones with pee sticks.  The first one she used truly showed how dehydrated she really was!! It was the darkest color the bottle had on it.  (Dark=Bad)

After the nurse was finished, she packed up her stuff and left Jess and I to our new home hospital suite.  The rest of night went well, and we adjusted to numerous lines, and pole attached to Jess.  I had to work on Sunday, so Jess was on her own.  She did well, and was finally starting to feel better.  She was even able to get a bunch of food down.  This brings us to Monday, and today.  There were a couple developments, but I’ll save them for another post.  I just realized this one was getting really long!!



Apr 29 2010

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Yep, that’s what Jess has!!  Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a severe form of morning sickness, with unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and fluids.  The percentage of pregnant women afflicted range from 0.3% to 2.0%!!  I figure since we only had a minute chance of even getting pregnant with my sperm, that it is only right that we fit into that 2%!!!!! 

Yesterday began completely normal.  We both headed to work, and I got the phone call around 9am.  Jess said she wasn’t feeling good, and she had put a call into the doctor.  Now, I knew she hadn’t been 100 percent for a couple of days, but I had no idea it was this bad.  Jess spent most of her morning in the bathroom (TMI ALERT!!!!!!) with it coming out of both ends!!!!  Her OB sent her directly to the emergency room.  I left work early, but not early enough to catch the first sounds of the heartbeat from our little Choochie.  The ER wanted to check Choochie, and make sure everything was OK.  They told Jess they would try with the doppler, and if they couldn’t find the heartbeat, they would go directly to the ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.  The Docs said not to worry if they didn’t hear anything from the doppler, because it might be a little too early to hear it.  They poked around a bit with no luck until the nurse decided she would give one last try and check higher.  As soon as she moved the probe up, Jess said Choochie was loud and clear, beating at a cool 160bpm’s!!!

They hooked Jess up to IV fluids, and gave her a couple of anti-nasuea shots to even things out.  When they felt she was stable (and not completely pale anymore), they sent us on our way with orders to follow up with the OB today. 

To make a long story short, we headed to the OB today, and were given our marching orders.  They ordered at home IV therapy, and scheduled another checkup for tomorrow.  The company that does the at home therapy called tonight and explained the course of action we would take.  They ordered her continuous IV fluids (IV in the arm) through the weekend as well as a pump for anti-nausea medicine (some kind of port they will put in her thigh).  We don’t have all the details, as they said they would contact us tomorrow, to iron things out.  All I have to say, is this weekend should be very interesting!!  I will definitely keep you all up to speed!!

To Be Continued……..

Aug 29 2009

So Far, So Good!

So far, the weather is cooperating.  We drove down yesterday to beat the storm, and stayed at a hotel last night (can’t check into the house until today).  Thankfully, it looks as though the weather forecasters were wrong (are they ever right?).  It poured overnight, but we woke up to beautiful sunny skies.  Now it’s time to pack up our stuff, take the hour ride north, and begin our vacation!!  I want everyone to pray, do the anti-rain dance, or whatever it is that you can do to bring us good luck, barring sacrifice of small animals!!

P.S. Please excuse any typos. I’m writing this on my iPhone. I’ll fix everything when I set up camp, and get the computers unpacked.

Aug 26 2009


All I have to say, is Tropical Storm Danny!!!  Yep, forecasted to hit the outer banks the day after I arrive!!!!!  I guess those “signs” weren’t all I thought they were chalked up to be.  Whatever, just add it to the list of bad things for 2009!!  👿