Mar 26 2010

Beta #4 (We Graduated!!)



Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 202 % and is considered adequate.

First hCG: 119 mIU/ml        Second hCG: 359 mIU/ml  

hCG Difference: 240 mIU/ml      Time Difference:48 hours        Total hCG Increase: 2.02 % (3)

Daily Rate Increase: 74 % (1.74)            Two Day Rate Increase: 202 % (3.02)

1st Day hCG As If:207 mIU/ml                           2 Days hCG As If:360 mIU/ml  

 We officially graduated from the beta’s today!!!!  We even got a thumbs up from the doc, who seems to always look at the glass half empty.  I just realized I’m actually speechless, and can’t think of anything to write.  We both never thought this day come.  This truly is a miracle!  Our next step is the first ultrasound which is scheduled for next Thursday.

Below is approximatly what the little bugger looks like right now.  The picture is linked to a site with a boat load of info, so head on over there!!

Mar 22 2010

Beta #2


Not exactly what we were hoping for but still good!!  It doubled, and that’s what matters!!  We have another Beta on Wednesday, so keep praying, and keep those fingers crossed.  The little bugger is fighting, and needs all your support!!

Nov 9 2009


I’ve been MIA for the last couple weeks, not only on the the blog but in my mind as well.  I think the mental stresses of the last year finally caught up with Jess and I.  This, combined with Clomid the Doc has me on, has made me a little loopy.  Just to give an update on the Clomid, my Doc decided to put me on it for a couple months to bring up my testosterone level, and try to  stimulate some type of sperm production (hopefully I don’t grow boobs!!).  My pharmacist even argued with me that the medicine must be for my wife, and that my urologist had made a mistake.  My Doc assured me that the meds are for me.  I have a follow-up with him tommorow to monitor hormone levels and hopefully get some kind of plan together. 

I think the 3 more months of waiting, along with the reality of needing to have donor back up has been the needle that broke the haystack.  It’s been a tough couple of weeks, and I’m sure it’s not going to get any easier.  Jess and I decided it might be worthwile to get in touch with the IVF clinic and see what kind of infertility counseling they offer.  I don’t know if it will help, but I am definitely willing to give it a shot, especially since we need to come to terms with the fact that donor sperm might be our only option.  As I have said in the past, I am all for the donor sperm.  I think that what we both need is to talk to someone and get some ideas of how to cope and move on. 

 I read an article by  William D. Petok, Ph.D. (link brings you to the article)  on Resolves website.  It describes all the feelings I have gone through in the past year.  It is a good read for anyone who knows someone with Male Factor Infertility.  It gives a little insight into to how we (men) feel.

Apr 17 2009

Fired The Doc!

YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!

I really canrt say that I actually fired the Doc (reproductive urologist, Marlton, NJ) because I don’t think he wanted to go any further or try help me anyway.  I called him today to see what my next step would be.  In the beginning when we met him we had discussed about going a diagnostic route to try and figure what the problem was.  He had said at that point, that we aren’t there yet.  When I spoke with yesterday, and asked “What’s the next step for me?”  The only response I got over and over again was “You’re only option is donor!”  I can’t believe this because they are signs that I am producing sperm.  While it might not be a lot, I am still producing sperm.  He had no sympathy and hurried the conversation with me.  He even recited incorrect blood test results, that when I tried to correct, he could only say, “Well, I don’t have your chart in front of me”.  So for all intensive purposes, I FIRED THE DOC TODAY!!!

Now for some good news.  After a couple of hours of Internet research, we have found another reproductive urologist that is not too far away.  He is out of Hackensack, and has a pretty impressive background.  He is much younger than the last one and hopefully more aggressive.  I guess we’ll find out soon, because I have an appointment on the 23rd.  That’s next week!!

Feb 25 2009

A New Outlook!

After my early departure from work the other day, I needed to sit down with Jess and work something out.  She decided to stay home from work today, so we could straighten some stuff out.  She is having just as hard a time with this as me.  I wish there was some way to just get me fixed so that she would feel better.  We had a good discussion.  I think she realizes that I really can’t take anymore unscheduled time off of work, especially if I am going to need any type of surgical procedure. I just want her to be strong.  I know there will be times when everything is too much to handle, but if she could be strong and get through it, then as each day passes it will get easier.