Oct 8 2010

33 Weeks

How far along? 33 Weeks 

How big is Choochie this week?  This week Choochie weighs about 4 1/4 pounds and is over 19 inches long.  She weighs about as much as a Pineapple!!  Choochie is still gaining weight (about half a pound a week), and she could grow up to another full inch this week.  Jess’ amniotic-fluid level has maxed out.  Antibodies are being passed from Jess to Chooch as she continues to develop her own fetal immune system.

Sleep? Sleep is overrated!

Movement? Starting to look like an alien is living in Jess’ belly!!

Food cravings? Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Cake, Apple Jacks, Product 19, Bar Pie, Gatorade (red),  Water!!!!


Milestones? Chooch has begun development of  her own immune system that (along with antibodies from Jess) will be able to provide protection from mild infections

Emotions: Ups and Downs and completely exhausted!!

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