Jun 5 2010

Week 15

Not too much to report for the last week.  Jess had another OB appointment for the Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  The Doc wanted her out for another two weeks of work, but came to an agreement with Jess that if she felt good enough, she would be allowed to cut a week off of that time.  The Doc listened to the heartbeat, and said it sounded good.  The heartbeat was 155bpm. 

As for Jess, it seems as though we “might” have turned the corner on the sickness.  I am not going to count my chickens before they hatch, but a bunch of vomit free days in a row, is a good sign!!  The nausea is still there, but fluids and food are going down, and staying down.  It might only be waffles, but that is good enough for me!!!!

How far along? 15weeks 1 day!

How Big Is Choochie?  Choochie is now the size of a navel orange! The ears have migrated to the side of the head, and the eyes are moving to the front of the face.  Fingers and toes have begun to wiggle.  Breathing movements are also occurring, for preparation for life outside the womb!!

Maternity clothes? Nothing too “Maternity” yet.  Shirts are fine, but jeans seem to be the problem.  Jess has a couple of maternity jeans, but she seems to be right in the area where she can’t fit into either.  The tiny baby bump is beginning to be noticeable!!

Stretch marks? Not yet!!! (SAME AS LAST WEEK)

Sleep?  Seems to be getting better week by week.  She still can’t get comfortable, but hopefully the maternity pillow will come into play this week, and make things better!!

Movement? Jess can feel some fluttering in the belly, but it seems as if it’s inside that she is feeling, because when I try, there is no feeling at all.

Food cravings? Waffles, toasted wheat crackers with easy cheese (SAME AS LAST WEEK)

Gender?  Your guess is as good as mine!!

Emotions: All over the place (SAME AS LAST WEEK)

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