May 16 2010

Nuchal Translucency Thingy And A Milestone

This past Thursday was a doctor packed day!  Jess had a Nuchal Translucency Scan, followed by an OB visit.  I was off, so I got to be the driver/supporter!!  The Nuchal scan was pretty cool.  It was pretty much just a high resolution ultrasound with a very crabby ultrasound tech (People skills were not her forte’).  Choochie was completely out of control the entire exam, and it was hard for the tech to get the measurements.  Sometimes, during these tests, if the baby is cooperating, you can determine the sex of the baby.  Well let’s just say that when the Doc came in to go over the results, and do another ultrasound, the first thing she said was, “Wow, the baby is doing a hand stand!”  Needless to say, we were unable to get a very early sex determination.  As for the test itself, all the measurements taken were well below the danger zone values.  This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a problem, it just means that there is a greater chance of there not being one.  We won’t get our full 94% accurate answer for another 5 weeks.  Thursdays scan, and blood test, will be combined with another blood test in about 5 weeks, which will give us our 94% accurate answer.

We got another set of a bit more detailed ultrasound photos, to add to our ever expanding catalog.  We must have the most ultrasounds ever!!  CRL length was 4.78cm, and Heartbeat was 167bpm!!



Immediately following the nuchal scan, Jess had a followup OB appointment.  The doc was going to do another ultrasound, but since we just had one not two hours earlier, Jess convinced him just to use the doppler and find the heartbeat (166bpm).  The appointment was for a followup regarding the Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  The doc and Jess came to the conclusion, that things were definitely not getting worse, and kinda of getting better.  He took Jess out of work for 1 more week, and decided to try and start weening Jess off of the Zofran Pump.  Hopefully things will stay the same, and we can get back to normal!! 

As of Friday, Choochie was 12 weeks!!  Now, some books, and websites say this is the entry to the Second Trimester, while others say 14 weeks.  This is all a little confusing, so when we were at the OB visit on Thursday, we decided to task the Doc.  He said “technically” the second trimester would start 8 days after week 12, but most people, and docs go with the 12 week mark.  I think we are going to stick to the 12 week mark, because any relief from the crappy symptoms of the first trimester are welcome with open arms.  So here’s to the the start of our second and hopefully a symptom free trimester!! (On a side note, the last two days have pretty much sucked for Jess)

I purchased an at home doppler for Jess for her soon to be Mothers Day!!  I originally though it was too soon to hear anything, but we have been able to find the heartbeat almost every time.  I am waiting until its really loud to do any recordings.  As soon as It gets loud enough, you can bet that it will be posted. 

OK, enough about us, let’s get on to Choochie & Jess

How far along? 12 Weeks 2 days!

How Big Is Choochie?  Choochie weighs a full half-ounce and is about the size of a large plum. Most systems are in place, though there’s still plenty of maturing to do.  The fetal digestive system is beginning to practice contraction movements necessary for eating, and the bone marrow is busy making white blood cells.  The pituitary gland has started producing the hormones that will enable him (or her) to make babies of his (or her) own in a couple of decades or so.  (Unless they pick up the old infertility trait from me!! 😉  )

12 Week Old Fetus

Maternity clothes? Nothing too “Maternity” yet.  Shirts are fine, but jeans seem to be the problem.  Jess has a couple of maternity jeans, but she seems to be right in the area where she can’t fit into either.

Stretch marks? Not yet!!!

Sleep? Crappy at best!  Jess gets up many times during the night to pee, and just can’t seem to get comfortable

Movement? Choochie is out of control on the ultrasounds, but no feelings yet!!

Food cravings? Waffles, and pizza!!  (the only 2 things Jess can keep down!)

Gender? Still a little too early (plus the chooch doesn’t want to cooperate!) 

Milestones: Second Trimester WOO HOO!!!

Emotions: All over the place

10 Responses to “Nuchal Translucency Thingy And A Milestone”

  • SWMama Says:

    CONGRATS! This is so exciting! Love your nickname – we refer to our daughter as Choochie (She’s 19 mos). She’s a strong, healthy, IVF baby – hopefully it bodes well for you.
    Our Choochie was also uncooperative during her nuchal translucency, and we had a grumpy tech too. They ended up doing an amnio because the risk numbers came back high for Down’s, but everything was perfect in the end. I blame an active baby and annoying tech on getting bad measurements.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Pregnant 2 Says:

    I think you are having a girl- there seems to be a nub shot of the baby in your first picture and it is parallel to the spine. I will check back later on to see if I am correct.

    Kenny Reply:

    @Pregnant 2, You have some good eyes, because it all looks like a blob to me!! 🙂

  • Rachel Says:

    One milestone at a time. Thats great!!

  • Ewebey Says:

    Glad the appointments went well!

  • Marisa Says:

    Yay for the second trimester. I hope the symptoms subside soon!!! Sounds like the appointments have been going well!


  • Rach Says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy.

    Happy ICLW!!

  • Krissi Says:

    So glad things are going so well! Welcome to the 2nd trimester!! Love these sono pics!! Happy ICLW!! I would love to feature your success story by the way!! I haven’t had one yet from a male’s POV! 😉

    Kenny Reply:

    @Krissi, Thanks!! I would love to help you out, and give you the male POV!!

  • Karine Zaks Says:

    Just finished reading all about it what you were saying.
    I’m only the grandmother of the pregnant woman, but went through all the same emotion and tests with my daughter you had.
    Every day I watch the video of my 11 week old grandchild in my daughters uterus and every time I cry with emotions.
    Good luck to all you pregnant Ladies!!

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