Apr 16 2010

A Bump In The Road

Okay, so I fibbed a bit the other day!  I said we were discharged, and that we had only a couple more shots to do.  Well, I was wrong on both.  Jess ended up back at the RE today, and we are officially done with shots!! 

We called the on duty doc last night because Jess’ injection site blew up like a balloon!!  Not only was it weirdly swollen and disfigured, it was about 200 degrees, really red, and very painful.  The doc told Jess to head on in this morning, to check it out.  Well it seems as though her body decided that it doesn’t like the shots anymore, and is completely rejecting the progesterone.  The doc said that, while this is not normal, it does happen.  It could be an allergic reaction as well.  She also said that this could get worse before it gets better 🙁 .  The doc stopped the shots and told Jess she really didn’t need a progesterone supplement anymore, but for piece of mind she wrote her a scrip for suppositories.  So, today is officially (fingers crossed) our last day at the RE, and the beginning of no more shots!! Woo Hoo!!

Today is also officially 8 weeks on the nose!  To get an idea of the size, check out the pic below!!

In addition to Jess’ unscheduled appointment, we got an extra super secret, paranoia driven ultrasound!

Little Chooch had a 2.5mm growth spurt in the last to days!  This brings the little bugger up to 14.7mm CRL.  The doc said Choochie looked great.  I wasn’t able to make it to the ultrasound, but Jess said the heartbeat was really bright today, and beating like a champ!  Hopefully the OB will give us another ultrasound next week, so we can see another awesome growth spurt!!

Grow Choochie, Grow!!!! 😆

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