Apr 14 2010


The picture above is from the official release paperwork we got this morning from the RE.  It clearly shows that we have been discharged to the OB!  This is another milestone we have achieved, and another step closer to our goals.  Every hurdle we clear makes it more and more real!!  I am still in awe at all the obstacles we have overcome, and the miracle that is growing.  The chances of this working out positive, was around 3% (Thanks for doing the math Mom!!).  This just shows that everyone who is struggling with this battle should never give up.  We are a prime example of overcoming the odds.  We fought, and never gave up.  There is still a long road ahead of us, but I feel a little bit more confident everyday.  I am so grateful to all the docs that made this possible!

Little Choochie had a big growth spurt this last week.  Choochie’s CRL (Crown to Rump Length) more than doubled in that time.  Last week the Chooch measured 5.1mm, and this week, 12.2mm!!  The heart was very clear today, and you can even see it in the picture below.  It is the brightest little spot right towards the middle of the measurement. 

Next Thursday is our first appointment with the OB, and I couldn’t be more excited!!  We have finally moved to a “normal” pregnancy state.  Nothing during the last couple years has been normal, and it’s really nice to get to that point.  Jess is even being weaned off the progesterone injections.  Once she’s done with that, we will be just like every other couple that is pregnant.  I never thought we would get to that point, and I couldn’t be happier!!

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  • Grammie-in-waiting Says:

    This whole process gets more exciting by the day. Great to hear about little Choochies growth spurt. This little one was just meant to be! Can’t wait till Thanksgiving is here and we can celebrate Choochie’s arrival.

  • Rachel Says:

    Congrats on your release! I have an appointment on Tuesday. I’ll be 8w4d, and the nurses seem to think the RE will release me. I’m hoping for a growth spurt as well, we’ve been measuring a little behind. Wish me luck!

  • Katie Says:

    Hooray for graduating! That has to be an amazing feeling. Good luck at the OB appointment next week. I can’t believe it’s almost been 8 weeks already!

  • Rachel Says:

    What a miracle! Awesome news!

  • Nana Says:

    It is truly a miracle! These last few months have been quite a ride. I hope and pray that both of you can soon relax and enjoy this special moment in your life. You deserve the joy, happiness and love. A Baby!!!

  • Holly @Ready2Bmom Says:

    what a beautiful and wonderful moment. I am truly happy for you guys. I hope I can join you at these milestones soon.

  • Diane Lanzafma Says:

    I am not sure why… hbut this post has touched me so much.. I can see my little niece or nephew growing and I am just speechless… (which does not happen often)… I already have this amazing love for this baby!!! little choochie… Aunt Di Di is waiting patiently for your arrival!

  • tillie Says:

    that’s fabulous! so happy you graduated!!!

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