Mar 7 2010

Cycle Day – 16 (Grow Embabies, Grow!)

Waiting!!  That is the theme of the day.  There is nothing we can do to make anything different now.  The wheels are in motion, and we have no control in the direction they move.  It’s a great feeling of anxiety blanketed with a little bit of comfort.  The comforting feeling is because we  have moved past our major hump.  We have never been this far along, and the new path is confusing, but exciting.  The excitement is scary.  Scary, because of of the feelings we have invested in our little embabies!  They are only a couple days old, but we love each and every one of them like they are our children.  Only time will tell what our outcome will be, but everyday that goes by is another step toward the goal. We will have many more answers tomorrow.  Please pray for our little embabies!!

In regards to our physical health, we are both getting a little bit better day by day.  I’m still pretty sore, and still moving very slowly.  Jess still has some pretty bad tummy pain from the retrieval, but the PIO shot went a bit better tonight.  She gave me B- for todays shot, so I guess I learned from yesterdays mistakes.

Jess’ Meds for the day – Medrol, Ciproflaxcin, PIO IM injection

Kenny’s Meds for the day – last dose of Erythromicin, Percocet

5 Responses to “Cycle Day – 16 (Grow Embabies, Grow!)”

  • Lori Says:

    I keep saying “our” embabies. I’m going crazy not knowing. I wish they had an embaby cam so we can watch them 🙂 Still in a little be of shock over the Jess and Kenny babies. OMG- so wonderful!!!!

    Jess Reply:

    @Lori, you helped make them too!!! You were the bestest runner ever!!

  • mybumpyjourney Says:

    I am so glad that you are both doing so well! Thanks for writing all this down- it will really help my husband when it comes time for his surgery. It is so hard to hear of this from a guy’s point of view- ESPECIALLY the surgery part!
    I am praying for lots of growing embabies, and lots of pain relief. 🙂

  • Dea.nna Says:

    The waiting game isn’t fun in the TTC journey at all. Lots of luck! I’m definitely praying for the transfer today and the well-being of both of you (and your beautiful embabies!) HUGS!!!

  • Grammie-in-waiting Says:

    Let the GROWING begin!

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