Mar 4 2010

Cycle Day – 13 (Slice and Dice)

We all got up at the butt crack of dawn.  Her cousin Lori and I headed out first.  We were on the road at 4:45am en route to the slice and dice!!  Jess was able to get up a little bit later, because she had to go get blood work done at 7am.  This is the same time my surgery began, hence my trip with her cousin.  The whole morning went pretty much without a hitch.  I met with my doc and the anesthesiologist, and the rest is a bit blurry!! 

I woke up in recovery with Jess there.  She said the first words out of my mouth were her name in a raspy voice, then me saying, quite loudly may I add, “Did They Get The Stuff?” , “Where’s Lori?”  This was followed by me passing back out in a demerol and morphine stuper.  The next thing I remember is being  wheeled to the second recovery room, meeting up with Jess, and shoving a bagel down my throat!!  For some reason when I come out from anesthesia, I’m always starving!!!!! She gave me the details from the doc as well letting me know that sperm runner (Lori) had completed her mission!!  My doc told her he took  “ALOT” out, as this would be my last try for sperm retrieval.  I’m assuming that is why I’m in a pretty decent amount of pain!! 

For those of you who wonder what they put in the little brown bag of goodness, and what it looks like after the TESE procedure, you can thank Lori.  She snapped a shot of it before she dropped it off!!

We got out of the hospital as soon as they would let me go.  Lori had already made it home and was waiting for us to return.  When we got home, I passed out, and slept till about 4pm.  Our house mommy made us dinner (Chicken Marsala, Yummm!!), and we just sat, and watched some TV.  We are all turning in early tonight.  Tomorrow is Jess’ big day.  I’m probably not going to be able to make it there, but she ‘s got Lori, and I’ll be there in spirit. Lets hope the Easter Bunny comes bearing a basket full of eggs!!

Jess’ symptoms of the day – While still feeling like crap, she is happy to have night off injections.  I’m attributing all her tummy pain to her baseball size ovaries!!  She’s still in good spirits, and focused on the goal!!

No Meds for Jess – Painkillers and Antibiotics for Kenny

6 Responses to “Cycle Day – 13 (Slice and Dice)”

  • Pregnant Yuppy Says:

    It looks like they got a lot. My fingers are crossed that all goes will with Jess tomorrow.

    Kenny Reply:

    @Pregnant Yuppy, She actually had her ER today. I wasn’t able to post this yesterday, my thoughts were scrambled by the meds!!

  • My Bumpy Journey Says:

    Good luck Kenny!! I am sending lots of good vibes your way, and I hope your basket is over flowing. Kind of crazy that you both are going through it at the same time. On the plus side- drugs all around. 🙂

  • Katie Says:

    I hope the ER went well today. Thinking of you and Jess!

  • Holly @Ready2Bmom Says:

    so happy to hear that both your slice and dice and Jess’ retrieval went well!!

  • Nana Says:

    I hope you feel better so you can complete the next post (today’s story. It’s my way of kniowing what’s going on without totally annoying our Jessica.

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