Mar 2 2010

Stimulation Meds – Day 11

Today consisted of me running to Hackensack for blood work, and then what I thought would be me running all over Gods creation in order to get pre-op tests complete.  Didn’t quite turn out that way!  I did get my blood test, but my primary won’t  see me until I get the results for it.  It’s not that big of deal, it’s just cutting it real close.  When Jess spoke to her doc this afternoon, she hinted towards the idea of all the procedures happening on Thursday and Friday.  She had a different outlook in the morning, but after she saw the results of the blood test, she was pretty sure we would do the trigger (HCG) shot tomorrow.

Jess results from this mornings ultrasound and blood test were – E2 level of 1958, still 11 follicles, all 13- 15 in size.  They did say that they are a bunch more little ones.  

Jess’ symptoms of the day –   The headache has still not reappeared!  She still has the same tummy pains and sick feeling. Bloating gets worse by the day, as well as soreness from the Tummy shots.  She’s still tired, but is overall good spirits!

Today’s Meds – Jess’ Injections – Menopur (2 vial and 1/2 cc diluent), Follistim (375 Units) and Cetrotide (.25mg)

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