Mar 1 2010

Stimulation Meds – Day 10 (Arrggghhh!)

What began as an uneventful day turned out to “slightly” piss me off!! (Ok, slightly is an understatement, but I am going to keep my cool!)  Everything was quiet and cool all day. Jess had a little bit of a rough morning at work but she powered through it and took it like a champ.  The day was going good until around noon.  The first major annoyance of the day began when I got a phone call from Jess regarding our Cetrotide refill that we were waiting for.  We refilled our meds a couple days ago and Jess picked them up on Saturday.  She got all the meds except for the Cetrotide.  The pharmacy had called on Friday and Saturday to let us know insurance had still not approved the refill.  Jess called them today and the refill still wasn’t approved.  They said the insurance company had some questions for the doc as to why we needed the meds. Now normally I wouldn’t really care about something like this, but our last box of Cetrotide will be used tonight, and this is the med that prevents ovulation. We need to have it ASAP!!  I got to the point where I didn’t really care about the insurance company anymore.  I am going to pick the meds up tomorrow regardless of the insurance companies determination.  It’s about $500, but I will fight the insurance another day.  This is way to important to screw around and ruin the cycle because of red tape!!

This prescription problem was compounded by a call around 4pm by my urologists secretary. She called to let me know that the anesthesiologists for my surgery were looking for my pre-admission test results as well as clearance from my primary saying I am ok for surgery. Now, In a normal timeline I wouldn’t blink an eye at this request. Considering I am scheduled for surgery in the next three days, I am freaking out, and pretty pissed.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute to wrap things up!!  About a hundred phone calls and 2 hours later (I am in debt for Jess for this, she took the bull by the horns!), I am scheduled to get to Hackensack tomorrow for pre admission tests (which is an hour away), and have an appt. on Wednesday to see my primary for clearance. 

The whole Wednesday appointment is cutting it a little close.  Jess has her RE appointment in the morning for her ultrasound and blood test.  I’m leaning towards them putting her on her meds for 1 more day, and then doing the HCG shot.  This would put my Surgery for Thursday and all would be good!!  The problem is, she could go in tomorrow, and they could possibly want the HCG tomorrow.  If I don’t have clearance from my primary tomorrow, surgery is a no go for the next day!!!!!!  We can’t let this happen!!!   We have come this far, and we aren’t going to let it end like this!  Jess is going to raise hell tomorrow morning, and promises I will have an appointment with my primary ASAP.  I know for a fact that she will be able to do it!!  When she gets her mind set on something, nothing can stop her!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with me driving all over Gods creation getting the tests and clearances I need!!  I haven’t come this far to throw it all in the toilet over a stupid technicality!! 

Now that I have finished my rant, lets get on to Jess’ symptoms for the day – The headache has still not reappeared (thank the lord!!).  She still has the same tummy pains and sick feeling.  It seems as though she is much more tired than before (It’s only 10pm and she’s in bed, I’m wide awake, which is why I’m writing!)  The bloating is getting worse, and her tummy is starting bruise from all the shots.  She is taking all of this like a champ, and has her eyes set on the goal!!  Hopefully all will work out tomorrow, and things will come together for the end of the week.  We need all your prayers and crossed fingers!! 

Today’s Meds – Jess’ Injections – Menopur (2 vial and 1/2 cc diluent), Follistim (375 Units) and Cetrotide (.25mg)

4 Responses to “Stimulation Meds – Day 10 (Arrggghhh!)”

  • C h i r l e e n Says:

    hello! I just found your blog this morning – I will be following! I’m not doing IVF (yet?) but may start injections next cycle and I’m a little freaked out by it. Anyway, I love to hear the guys perspective of things. Good luck this cycle!!! I hope your day is full of pre-op testing! 🙂

  • Katie Says:

    What a headache! I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this stuff on top of the normal IF stresses. I hope everything works out soon!

  • Grammie-in-waiting Says:

    Let’s hope tomorrow is perfect!
    You are so close, and a beautiful beginning is near. Try to keep both of your spirits up!

  • Brandy Says:

    I added you to my reader a while ago, but don’t think I ever commented. I love getting the guy’s perspective of IVF. Hoping everything goes well in the next couple of days!

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