Feb 27 2010

Stimulation Meds – Day 8 (Doing it alone)

Today is the second, and last day for Jess to do her injectables alone. I’m stuck at work until 7am tomorrow. Today is however, my last day of work before I go out for surgery. I have kept myself real busy tying up loose ends and preparing my guys for the absence. I’m still not too sure what day my surgery will be, but my doc called me personally a couple days ago, saying that he booked the operating room for for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week. (So I am assuming it will be one of those days) It all really comes down to when the docs decide Jess is ready for HCG shot. When they decide this, my surgery will be the day after.

This whole cycle has gone so fast. It has been like a whirlwind of activities, and emotions. One day I’m lying on the couch with MRSA, the next, I’m jabbing Jess with a needle. This day 8 post feels like it’s only day 1 or 2. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like next week. Things are going to start moving real fast, and get real crazy. Jess even had to run out to pick up the refill for the stimulation meds. If I can remeber correctly, Jess got her HCG shot on cycle day 11. Thats only three more days!! It’s all starting to come together, and become real. I’m just hoping for the best!!

Jess’ symptoms of the day – No real news here, it was just about the same as yesterday. Headache was again bearable, and her tummy is getting more tender by the day! Those damn Cetrotide shots are still a kick in the stomach!

Today’s Meds – Jess’ Injections – Menopur(2 vials and 1/2 cc diluent), Follistim (375Units), and Cetrotide (.25mg) . Kenny’ last dose of 200mg of doxycycline! WOO HOO!!!!!

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