Feb 20 2010

Stimulation Meds – Day 1

Yes I know, my countertop is an ugly color, it came with the house!

And so it begins!!  The wait is over.  Today is game day.  Jess has her game face on, and I am wearing my cheerleader outfit.    I might even head out and buy pom poms today.  I’ll try anything once! (there are limits to my previous statement)

She has 1 shot to do tonight.  It is a subcutaneous shot (short needle) in the stomach.  The doc has her mixing 2 bottles of Menopur, with 1/2cc of sterile diluent (because the Menopur comes as a powder).  Then we have to mix 300 units of Follistim into the previous mixture.  It’s a whole mad scientist kinda thing!

3 Responses to “Stimulation Meds – Day 1”

  • My Bumpy Journey Says:

    uh- maybe it is angle of photo- but that doesn’t look like a subQ needle…? Hopefully you are just using that to mix it up though.

    Good luck with jabs and mixing. You should totally go get some pom poms. 🙂

    Kenny Reply:

    @My Bumpy Journey, That picture is the result of my very amatuer photgraphy abilities. You are correct though, it is not the subcutaneous needle. That is the needle that comes attached to the syringe that we use for mixing. It looks way cooler than the subcutaneous one!!

    mybumpyjourney@gmail.com Reply:

    @Kenny, LOL! Yeah, much more impressive that way. 🙂 I think it is a pretty cool picture with awesome lighting. 🙂

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