Feb 16 2010

Orientation #2

It has been almost a year since our last cycle, so the RE made us do another orientation.  It wasn’t too bad, same forms to fill out, same meds to go over, etc… As for Jess, she unfortunately had a surprise Sonohysterogram, as well as a practice transfer.  Thank god this was nothing like the HSG she got a year ago.  That messed her up for days.  The picture below is calendar of events for this upcoming carnival side show!

This cycle will be virtually identical to the last one we did, preferably with a better outcome!  Meds are the same (amounts are slightly different), and timing is the same as well.  Today is Jess’ last day of BCP’s. Today is also delivery day for her meds.   Injections begin Saturday!!  This brings us to the 1st week of March for both of our retrievals, and 3-5 days for subsequent implantation.

 Wish us luck!!!

4 Responses to “Orientation #2”

  • Katie Says:

    LOTS and LOTS of luck!!! I have everything crossed for you guys.

  • My Bumpy Journey Says:

    Wow…lots of yellow!!GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS!! I am really sending lots of good vibes your way. So glad it was an SHG this time. those HSGs are no joke.
    Is the highlighted Pregnancy test a beta?

    Kenny Reply:

    @My Bumpy Journey, I beleive that line is supposed to read 2 weeks after implantation. It is supposed to be a Beta, I think!

  • Dana Says:

    Best of luck hon! 🙂 (your counter tops arent that bad!)

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