Feb 1 2010

Donor Wishes, and IVF Dreams!

You know your infertile when the only two options you have upon AF’s arrival are, celebration, or crying!  In our case, it’s a celebration this time.  This is the start of our next cycle.  It’s  2 months late, but hey, better late than never.  I am going with the, “It’s all happening for a reason”, thing.  For one, we would have been screwed with our donor choice (we still might be).  This just buys us a little more time in the wait for Mr. Right’s baby batter to be released from quarantine, or whatever big word they call it, at the one stop sperm shop! 

I have to call “Time Out” on this post (explanation below)

Ok, I started writing this post this morning when I got the exciting email announcement of the dreaded, but welcome, visit from AF.  About two hours later, I got a much more somber email, of a False AF Alarm!!  Currently it is 1pm, and AF is a go again!!  Don’t ask!!  All I know is, that is one sneaky bitch!!  She is playing a game of monkey in the middle with Jessi. 

OK, Time In! 

In regards to getting what we want, It’s like playing in a super bowl pool (had to do a super bowl reference since it’s on Sunday).  The names are all in the boxes, but the numbers have yet to be drawn.  It’s all luck.  If this is any indication of our outcome, it’s not looking too good.  I never win any of those damn pools!!  Anyway, we still haven’t picked a backup for the backup.  I think we are going to let it ride, and hope for the best.  If not it should make for an exciting, last minute scramble to the sperm shop to choose just the right concoction of baby batter.  I’m guessing we’ll find out more tomorrow, as Jessi has a date with the RE and his vast collection of scary “tools”!

If this is the real deal, things are going to start to get real interesting around here.  For now, it’s all donor wishes, and IVF dreams!!!

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