Jan 7 2010

The Year Of The Baby!

Ok, so 2010 is here!!  Woo Hoo, the year of the baby, as I am calling it.  New dreams, new goals, but same reality!!  Yep, I’m still infertile.  Oh well, I was holding out for the sperm fairy to come at the stroke of midnight and sprinkle baby dust on my nether regions!!  Doesn’t look like that happened, but I’ll have a concrete answer soon enough!  I had an appointment with the urologist on Tuesday.

We took our hour long trip up to Hackensack, to see the only man I willingly let touch the boys!!  Nothing groundbreaking here, got the usual squeeze, and multiple vials of blood (No dinner and a movie though!).  The real news is that he is on board for one last attempt at sperm retrieval at the end of February.  It looks a though it will be the same surgery I had in June, minus the varicocele repair.  I’m calling it the last hoooorah, the old slice and dice!  This will coincide with an IVF cycle for Jess and include donor sperm (Which we have yet to pick.  This is a post for another day).  We have decided that this will be the last attempt at sperm retreival from me.  I’m assuming you can only do it so many times, before you start damaging things down there.  Not that it would make much of a difference, they don’t work all that well anyway!

With February right around the corner, it’s gonna get busy here very soon.  I have another semenalysis this coming Monday.  I’m not too sure why, but who wouldn’t want “produce” a sample in a completely uncomfortable environment.  I live for this kind of thing!  I lost the ability to be embarrased a loooong time ago!!  The only thing left is for Jess to get that pesky monthly friend.  When this happens, the coutdown begins, as well as the weekly, and then daily trips to the RE.  I can’t wait till I can poke her with needles again!!  😈

7 Responses to “The Year Of The Baby!”

  • Katie Says:

    I hope this is your year! Good luck on Monday with the SA. I think my hubby has the same attitude about “producing” in a cup. You do what you have to do. 🙂

    Kenny Reply:

    @Katie, Thanks, I hope this is everyones year!!

  • Al Says:

    I am hoping this cycle is it and 2010 is the year of the baby for you!

  • Eileen Says:

    I hope that 2010 will be the year of the baby for both of us. Good luck! It is so refreshing to read the male perspective on MFI. You have me hooked. wish my husband would blog!

  • Elisabeth Says:


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  • Becca Says:

    I am determined that 2010 is the year for infertiles. We will all get our goal!

  • Daria Says:

    “The Year of the Baby.” I like that! =)

    Happy ICLW and Happy New Year! (Yeah, I know it’s 22 days late, but it’s still new to me!)

    I hope that the rest of the year is full of hope and babies. =)

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