Aug 26 2009


All I have to say, is Tropical Storm Danny!!!  Yep, forecasted to hit the outer banks the day after I arrive!!!!!  I guess those “signs” weren’t all I thought they were chalked up to be.  Whatever, just add it to the list of bad things for 2009!!  👿

4 Responses to “Un-Freakin’-Believable!!!!!!”

  • lorza Says:

    ooooh that sucks. Hopefully it won’t be to awful bad. I haven’t watched the news though…we stayed in FL/ the Panhandle area on the beach for Hurricane Ike last year and it was kinda fun….but that was when it hit TX…we just had high surf, wind, etc. Are you still going or are you cancelling?

  • Eileen Says:

    Oh man! That totaly sucks! Here’s to hoping that the forecasters are wrong!


  • Kenny Says:

    As of right now, we are going. It looks like they are saying that it’s not going to come as close as they originally said.

  • Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Gah… I hope and pray that the weather guys are just being overly cautious and that you will have a great time away.


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