May 26 2009

A Little Confusion

Jess got a call from the IVFNJ doc today.  He was confused about the message he recieved from my doc.  My doc was trying to coordinate my varicocele repair with IVFNJ.  He wasn’t trying to get Jess on an IVF cycle, but did want to send some biopsies to IVFNJ for sperm extraction/freezing (if they find any). Her doc explained to Jess that they don’t really freeze sperm from TESE.  It has a terrible pregnancy rate, and they would not count on it as backup.  This is a small step backward, because we thought if they had found some sperm, that we could freeze it for the next round of IVF.  Regardless, I will probably have to go through another surgery for extraction.  This just moves us closer to donor backup.

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