May 18 2009

Feeling Like A Lab Rat

I had some more blood tests done today.  Nothing special,  just the regular ol’  “why are you infertile tests”.  When the nurse came in, she gave me a strange look.  She kept looking down at my arms, (which by the way are completely bruised on both sides from the what seems like hundreds of recent blood tests and MRI’s) and then finally said something.  She asked if I had any other blood tests recently.  I explained the last couple I had as well as the contrast burn from the MRI.  The next question was whether or not she had done any of them.  I told her no, and she quickly replied, “Which girl here did?”   I willingly pointed out her coworker and she laughed.  I guess my arms shouldn’t have looked the way they did.  She probably thought I was some kind of addict.  Oh, well.  I could really care less.  I guess it’s it time to find a new lab!!

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