Apr 28 2009

Ultra-Uncomfortable Ultrasound

Today was step one in the new quest for my ever elusive sperm.  I had a scrotal ultrasound done, and when I say it was uncomfortable, I wasn’t lying.  It didn’t hurt or anything, it was just weird.  To start off, I went to Atrium Imaging because it was close.  When they say Atrium, they weren’t kidding.  It was a large building with suites on both sides.  In the middle was a large class covered atrium.  There was no air conditioning, and it was a rare 95 degree day in April for NJ.  The waiting room was the atrium, so my 25 minute wait was a very sweaty one.  Once they called me in, I was told to get undressed and wrap myself with a paper sheet.  The nice lady then instructed me on how to position all my parts for the best result.  She lubed up the ultrasound thingy and went to work.  About 25 minutes later, a million mouse clicks, and some typing, viola I was done.  She asked if I wanted a copy of the films to bring to my doc.  I said and went on my merry way.  When I got home, it took about 25 minutes to get all the gel off of my crotch.  It was gross!!

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