Apr 9 2009

Stimulation Meds – Day 5

Today was trip # 2 to the Docs office for blood test and ultrasound.  Poor Jess has to do these tests in the morning on the way to work.  It is nice that office has hours that she can get to them before work so she doesn’t need to take time.  Her blood test results for her E2 level was 336.  The Doc mentioned seeing a couple of follicles today, but didn’t give a count.  They want her to continue same amount of meds,  and start Cetrotide tommorow.  In addition to the shots, she has started Pre-Natal vitamins today.

No real changes on the feelings front.  She still feels weird, but is being a champ.  I’m really proud of how she is handling this.  The meds are starting to take toll.

Meds Taken – Injection for Jess – Menopur(1 vial and 1/2 cc diluent) and Follistim (375 Units) Jess begin pre-natal vitamins (CitraNatal), Kenny 200 mg Doxycycline

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