Mar 9 2009

Official Results (Finally!)

I happened to be in the area today, and I like to have copies of all the results.  So, I went to IVFNJ today and picked up the semenalysis results from Friday, as well as the official results for the Chromosome Reflex thingamajigger.  I have to say, the Chromosomes do look happy!  The results come with a pretty picture of a whole bunch of chromosomes that are sporadically placed on the page (I will eventually scan it and post it).  The official statement of the chromosome tests are that I am completely normal.  That is a bit of a relief, because gene problems can be passed to offspring.  I would never want anyone to have go through this.  As for the semenalysis, they did find some sperm but none were motile, and there didn’t appear to be any that were morphologically normal.  As I said in my last post, I’m just happy they found something.

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