Feb 7 2009

Processing Complete! (Well Mostly)

I think the consultation yesterday went well.  Jess and I were both nervous as we were getting ready to leave.  Once we arrived at the the place we went in and sat in the waiting room.  It was just us two, and the only way for us to get through things some times is through humor.  We made a couple of inappropriate jokes between ourselves and it seemed to calm us down a little. 

We met with our reproductive endocrinologist.  He went over every single possibility that could happen (in detail).  At first it seemed things were going really fast but then we asked some questions.  He felt that we are perfect candidates for IVF because of my azoospermia, and the technology available now to extract sperm (if there is any there!).  He also spoke with us about making a decision regarding donor sperm in the event that there is nothing to extract from me.  Jess and I had not discussed this yet so we really didn’t know how we felt about it.  He was a strong proponent on this and said that we really need to think about it and make a decision.

Jess and I both had blood taken, and they tried to do an ultrasound on her, but she declined (funny story for another time).  As for me, he wanted me to go see a reporductive urologist.  He said that there is only one in NJ that he knows.  So I figured I will go with that one.

All in all, I think we both came out of that meeting feeling a little better about everything.  There is the subject of donor sperm which has to be researched and talked about, but as for the place and the doctor, I think we made a good choice!

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