The Journey

So begins a story of a a couple who dated, bought a house, moved in together, got a dog, got married, and are now “trying” to have kids. (all in that order by the way!)

We have been trying for a while (since 2006).  Both of us just figured that it would eventually happen.  As days, and then years, went by, we started to get to frustrated.  We did all the home tests, and even scheduled things down to the day they needed to be done.   First step was for Jess to go to the “Womens” doctor.  After a barrage of tests for her, it was my turn.  This is where our problems began in January of 2009.

I’m writing this so called diary so I can document what we are going through, and keep a record for myself and my future family.  Sometimes it’s easier to write down how you feel rather than tell someone.  I’m posting this blog up on the web so other people with the same problems can read, relate, and share their feelings.  I encourage anyone who reads this to feel free to comment on anything.

You can follow the journey as it happens in the diary pages.  If you want to start from the beginning go here

 “Life isn’t about trying to weather the storm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”   -unknown